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Last Minute Eid Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Last Minute Eid Gifts for Your Family and Friends

I’m going to go ahead and admit it:  This Ramadan was probably the most difficult Ramadan in my twenty something years of fasting. Long, 17+ hours days, hot weather, and two young children made for a challenging Ramadan. But alhamdulilah, it is coming to an end, and I am thankful I witnessed another blessed month.
For people like me who are just plain exhausted at the end of Ramadan, and don’t have the energy or time to go Eid shopping, do not worry.
Here are some last minute, easy gift ideas for your friends and family!
image Edible Arrangements
Did you guys know that Edible Arrangements was founded by a Muslim? Also, if you look under their occasions/holidays, you will find Eid al-fitr. How warming is it when big companies acknowledge our hold days?  Their Ramadan and Eid arrangements feature star and crescent shaped fruits.
imageLantern-Shaped Eid Money Envelopes
These adorable DIY eid money envelopes are so cute and glittery. Eid money is a tradition in many cultures, but instead of just giving kids cash, make a cute envelope!
Genuine Articles Subscription box
I love subscription boxes because you get surprises in the mail! This one is Muslim-owned, and features wonderful items from Muslim-owned businesses. This is perfect for the fabulous ladies in your life.
Eid cookies
One of my all-time favorite Eid traditions was staying up until after midnight with my mother and sister, and making Egyptian Eid kahk (delicious buttery cookies rolled in powdered sugar). Try these delicious ma’amoul cookies and give them to your neighbors and friends.
Eid crafts
Not sure what to get the kids’ grandparents for Eid? This eight-point star photo frame is adorable. Have your kid decorate it and put her photo in their and voila!
E-gift cards
E-gift cards are the best thing to ever hit the internet (after Amazon prime’s free two-day shipping). What’s even better is e-gift cards to Muslim-owned shops like Haute Hijab. Perfect gift for your wives, daughters and mothers.

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  • you may have made a typo….. you may have meant to say last minute I.E.D. gifts for your family and friends. yes im just fucking with you but seriously i don’t doubt that your education degree came from an american school fully embedded in the military industrial complex,first of all as a current muslim you have absolutely no place in the field of education….. just as i would argue practicing christians and neo-nazi’s should not be educators. stick with the blog! peoples world views are at stake. so abraham perhaps was my father aswell, its high time we take serious issue with all those teachings in order to learn to do better than those teachings you know above and beyond as the saying goes above and beyond like where children are told god exists. i would call you a liar but suppose you just still actually believe what you’ve been told and keep telling others. regardless, try not to lie to your students, ok?
    love you,
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