Daesh Claims 80 Lives in Kabul, Shi’a Muslims Targeted

Today, we are uniting in grief as Afghanistan observes a national day of mourning over the death of at least 80 civilians in Kabul yesterday. With another 231 (with the reported numbers still rising) injured yesterday during yesterday’s attacks in Deh Mazang Square, Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack in their systematic targeting and execution of Shi’a Muslims.
The attacks occurred during a demonstration led by the “Enlighten Movement” – with demonstrators demanding a power line from Turkmenistan to Kabul be re-routed to service two impoverished provinces with large Hazara populations. Hazara Afghans are a predominately-Shi’a minority  with  a long history of persecution in the region.
Yesterday, Afghan flags were waving in Deh Mazang Square as Hazara Afghans shouted for equality. As the protest came to a close, the bombs of two suicide bombs went off in succession. Those same Afghan flags laid on the streets, dripping with blood.
The so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera

Daesh has been unleashing a string of brazen attacks worldwide. These past few months alone we have grieved in the wake of horrific violence enacted upon the people of Brussels, Istanbul, Nice, Orlando, Baghdad and many many others. In an increasingly-routine response, we pray for peace, for those afflicted, and for an end to the devastating violence. Today, as Kabul is added to the long list of Daesh atrocities this summer Afghan citizens light candles, donate blood, and stand together.
Twitter users across the world came out in support for those in Kabul:

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Today is an opportunity to speak out, grieve with our Hazara Afghan family, and remember that the selective mourning of the Muslim community has to stop. Daesh is committed to eliminating any group that defies their perverted, bloody ideology and we need to unite in resistance.
As Afghanistan observes a national day of mourning for those lost in Kabul, across the globe we mourn with them.