John Oliver Blasts Trump’s Lewd Remarks on Women

The list of offensive things Donald Trump has said goes on indefinitely, as a tape was leaked earlier this week, revealing his vulgar remarks on women and sexual assault — as if the nonsense he’s said already was not enough.
John Oliver blasted Trump for his remarks leaked on tape, as well as the GOP for their meager response and continuous support, despite everything he’s said and done during this entire election period.
He criticizes Trump, reminding everyone how the presidential candidate has managed to offend everyone from immigrants to women and maintain his unapologetic attitude towards important issues such as sexual assault and objectifying women.
He perfectly puts everyone’s thoughts into words when explaining what Trump’s lewd words and attitude tell us about him as a person and potential President of the United States, and why we should all be disgusted by the things he has said — even if you are not a woman.
Watch the segment from Last Week Tonight Show with John Oliver!