Israel’s Organ Harvesting and the UK’s BDS Movement

Where is the proof?

Israel has a long history of unethical medical practices. According to a Global Research article released Jan. 22, the first evidence of neglect, medical torture and illegal organ harvesting of Palestinians dates back to the early 1990s. No one was ever held accountable.
Now we cheer the U.K. division of the World Medical Association (WMA), as they confronted Israeli medical professionals and called to expel the country from the organization. The reason is deliberate denial of basic medical services, pain management and neglect that caused harm to Palestinian patients’ health, and in many cases death.
The WMA highlighted the unethical and illegal organ harvesting which has been reported for years. Dr. Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian ambassador to the U.N., stated that “following medical examinations, it has been reported that the bodies [of Palestinians] were returned with missing corneas and other organs.”
According to a Washington Report article from 2009, the first Israeli heart transplant was in fact a stolen organ. The article states that “in 1968 Avraham Sadegat unexpectedly died two days after being hospitalized for a stroke. When his family was able to retrieve his body (the hospital initially refused to release it) they found his chest covered with bandages — odd, they thought, for a stroke victim. Upon removing the bandages they discovered that the heart was missing.”

[There is] deliberate denial of basic medical services, pain management and neglect that caused harm to Palestinian patients’ health, and in many cases death.

Dr. Zeev Feldman, chairman of the Israeli Medical Association World Fellowship and president of the Israeli Neurosurgical Society, denied the facts, saying, “We are in a struggle, everyone must understand that there is an organized struggle — a fight against academia, doctors and other Israeli bodies.”
On the other side of the story is Nancy Scheper-Hughes, University of California, Berkeley professor of medical anthropology and founder of Organs Watch. She highlights to the terrors of the organized organ-harvesting system in Israel. In her article, “Parts Unknown,” she claims that the government funds and supports the practice. She said there are “brokers” and visa agents who help to bring victims to and out of the country engaging in highly unethical “buying organs from poor” practice.
According to the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Israel has “recruited donors from Brazil, Israel and Romania with offers of $5,000-$20,000 to visit Durban and forfeit a kidney. The 109 recipients, mainly Israelis, each paid up to $120,000 for a ‘transplant holiday;’ they pretended they were relatives of the donors and that no cash changed hands.”
Top Israeli physicians have spoken against organ harvesting that is performed without family approval. In 2000, former Israeli Abu Kabir forensic institute head, Dr. Yehuda Hiss, accused Israel of killing Palestinians to harvest their organs. According to a CNN report in 2009, a Swedish paper reported that “Israel was killing Palestinians in order to use their organs” — a charge that Israel denied and called “antisemitic.”

What does it take to create change?

Many major news channels and respected media institutions have favorable relationships with the Israeli officials. Dr. Kevin MacDonald, a retired professor at California State University, Long Beach, wrote, “In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed Jews in the media are behind the pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy that is leading to war against virtually the entire Arab world.”
It is not a secret that Israel developed media centers to create a spin factor on the attack on Gaza during Ramadan in 2014. These media centers were responsible for spreading propaganda regarding the war of Gaza over the major social media networks and online magazines.
People who protect Israel are educated in the most honorable institutions in the world. One of the most powerful people of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, studied political science at Harvard University and was an excellent student. Education is the key to many doors, including political power. Strong lobbying systems and highly trained individuals allow the occupier to continue unethical medical practices.
We have seen through history how diversion tactics gain public attention and sympathy. In this case, the diversion continues to be the atrocities that occurred to a people during World War II. Prior to 1948, Palestinians, the indigenous population of the holy land, sheltered and protected their Jewish residents against persecution and discrimination. Ironically, it is those same people they protected that are now oppressing them.

How can we stop the madness?

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement for freedom, justice and equality was created to challenge Israel political power. Its followers promote, educate and highlight the importance of media involvement. In the U.K., the BDS Movement is extremely active. More and more professionals who represent diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are joining the wave of support for Palestine in its struggle against Netanyahu’s regime.

If the association votes in favor, it will be the biggest victory of the BDS Movement in its fight for justice in the United Kingdom, as fair and safe medical treatment is a right and not a privilege.

As of late, there are 71 U.K. doctors topping the list of supporters against oppression of the Palestinian people. They call to boycott Israeli medical institutions, preventing research, publishing and funding from WMA until healthy, legal and ethical practices are adopted by the state.
If the association votes in favor, it will be the biggest victory of the BDS Movement in its fight for justice in the United Kingdom, as fair and safe medical treatment is a right and not a privilege.
So, now what? If we examine the techniques used by the oppressor in order to gain the world’s sympathy and attention, we understand that two things need to be accomplished in order to alert the world of the atrocities occurring to Palestinians (both Muslims and Christians) — expanding our education and gaining media support.
Islam has a rich history of political responsibility, peaceful coexistence of religions and protection of the Jewish nation. It’s a history worth more than gold. We shouldn’t let that history be buried with another agenda. Media shapes our society and is the window into every house and mind. Push yourselves to get a higher education. Push yourselves to read more about the conflict and what is going on with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Push yourselves to make a difference by taking a stand, speaking against occupation, boycotting products that aid in continuation of oppression and occupation. Lastly, push yourselves to promote the BDS Movement, whether you are in the U.K., America or anywhere else in the world.

Image: Screengrab from Youtube