New Hijab Fashion Line “Indifference” Celebrates Diversity

Starting a fashion line for Muslim women has always been a dream of mine; as a young Muslim girl, I’d have trouble finding the perfect hijab or the ideal shirt in terms of sleeves, length, color, or style. All the Muslim-owned stores were the same — solid colors, jilbaabs, maybe even a few shalwar kameezes.

While they were beautiful, I didn’t feel like they ever fully encompassed a Muslim girl’s style. In fact, it bothered me that Islamic fashion was so limited. Why were Muslims, for example, always shown wearing only one kind of dress? Why were a few countries’ customs being repeated and being labeled as “Islamic” wear when there are diverse Muslims all over the world? Why was “Islamic” wear being shown as something boring and dull, when it did not necessarily have to be this way?

And so, from high school, I started designing and incorporating the fashions of Muslim countries into modest attire. Over time, my goal became clearer and clearer. And so here I am today.

I started a new fashion line called Indifference, and with it, I want to show the Muslim female youth that just because you wear hijab does not mean you have to sacrifice looking fabulous. You can not only be great in your worship, you can look great and feel great too! I want to let it be known that wearing the hijab does not mean you can’t add style and fashion into the clothes you wear, while still obeying Allah (SWT).

As of now, I currently only offer scarves (which can be styled as neck scarves as well!) but anticipate adding clothing to my line in the near future, insha’Allah.

Alhumdulilah, this past summer, I’ve been updating the website a bit and came up with quite a few ideas. I’ve put up hijabs with patterns such as polka dots, leopard prints, and florals. I’ve gotten the chance to some casual solids as well, all of which are highly customizable.

However, the most popular one (and my personal favorite) is the Studded Collection.

The Studded Collection comes in three bold and daring colors. Black, a bold pink, and a poppin’ violet color are all currently in stock.

The studs are scattered in an elegant and classy fashion so that the scarves can be worn to day-to-day events, such as school or college. They have been spaced out on both sides of the hijab — you can definitely use that to your advantage when styling the scarf in any way you want, whether it’s on your head, or around your neck.

The material is very breathable and light. It’s the perfect twist to your everyday summer look!

Check the collection out:
Violet. | Pink. | Black.

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