Incredibles 2 Tackles Real Issues and Women’s Empowerment

Sequels are usually never as good as the original, and when I found out Incredibles 2 was being released I secretly wished the movie would defy these truths. And indeed it did.

What I watched exceeded my expectations as every character and every plot line in the movie took from real world issues we face today. Starting with the working mom and the reversal of typical gender roles, Incredibles 2 blew me away, not only through laughing and excitement, but through genuine love for females all around the world.

When done right, parenting is a heroic event.

By demonstrating Elastigirl as the main fighter and Mr. Incredible as the new homemaker, the creators of the movie were able to demonstrate just how difficult raising children is while exposing how men may take this nurturing role for granted, or perceive it as “the easy job.”

As Mr. Incredible gets no sleep, spends the day dealing with teenage drama, learns how to help his son with math and tries to cook, we finally realize just how much work our homemakers do on a daily basis – including our stay-at-home dads. Conversely, it helped working moms and stay-at-home moms see themselves as what they are: Incredible. Edna, an iconic side character even said, “When done right, parenting is a heroic event.”

Aside from the gender roles and male patriarchy being crushed, Incredibles 2 also focuses on police brutality by introducing the concept of cameras within the superheros’s suits.

Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible are advised by another side character that perception is important. This perception includes that of the general audience, a view that it most clearly influenced by the media. Thus, to prevent misunderstandings and brutality, the Superheroes are advised to wear cameras within their suits. (Yet another nod to for the need cameras in the suits of modern superheroes: Police officers.)

Fight about doing good, even if it’s against the law.

Additionally, Elastigirl breaks the law that considers her and all superheroes “illegal.” Sound familiar? If not, google immigration policy reform in America and see what’s been going on lately.

One of my favorite quotes from Elastigirl is, “Fight about doing good, even if it’s against the law.” Their consent and support to destroy a law that considers them illegal only demonstrates how society should never give up. It demonstrates that if a law is unjust, it becomes just to break it if it perpetuates the oppression of people. (Again, refer to the immigration laws of today that are separating mothers from their children. Remember, nobody is illegal on stolen land.)

Lastly, the main enemy in the movie, the “Screenslaver”, attacks yet another growing epidemic within our society: Technology.

When the Screenslaver turns on her technology, people, including the superheroes, are completely entranced and controlled by the screens in front of them. This alludes to modern day society in which we are attached to our screens, laptops, and cell phones at a level of insane dependency. If someone was to remove these items of technology from our lives, would we finally be free? And if someone were to manipulate and hack these technologies in our lives, would we be ruined? According to the Incredibles, it’s a hard line to trace.

All in all, Incredibles 2 did not disappoint. Even if you didn’t watch the first one I recommend watching this movie. Make sure to be on the look out for its subtle yet profound depictions of real world issues and the funny lines thrown out throughout the movie. It definitely gets my stamp of approval as it made me laugh, cry, think, and contemplate all at the same time.