Imported Hate: Muslims Continue To Face Islamophobia

What does it mean to be an American Muslim? Have you encountered micro-aggressive comments or actions from others? Islamophobia spreads quickly. In fact, anti-Islamic bills have been passed in 15 states legislating hate on a conscious level toward Muslims. These bills give the green light for others to act out against Muslims, not thinking anything is wrong because their elected policy-making officials are spreading the fear.

Watch as this speaker discusses Islamophobia in rural areas of America and ask yourself, “Have I ever experienced this?” And if you’re a non-Muslim, ask yourself, “How can I ensure not to perpetuate fear mongering against Muslims…or for that matter, any group that doesn’t practice their faith the same way I do?”

Imported hate is not new to rural America. If it were, we wouldn’t have so many policies spreading fear against us in these small towns. Stay strong. You are not alone.