Impact-Aid: Empowering Women Through Fashion

Fashion has been a means of expression since its dawn, used in many ways to unite or separate. Fashion can also be a means of empowerment and inspiration. With this in mind, the founders of the non-profit organization, Impact-Aid, initiated a project that uses fashion to unite and empower. In a previous article, Muslim Girl interviewed Lisa Jaradat and Sam Shiref, founders of Impact-Aid, an organization that strives to provide resources and methods to improve the lives of those affected by war, natural disasters, and poverty.

Co-founder of Impact Aid, Lisa Jaradat
Co-founder of Impact Aid, Lisa Jaradat


Co-founder Sam Shiref took charge of a project that empowers women in Palestine and Jordan through the creation of clothing.

Co-founder of Imapact Aid, Sam Shiref
Co-founder of Imapact Aid, Sam Shiref

The main focus of the project is on women who have little to no income, widows, single parents, and guardians. Each woman is met with individually and trained in the art of embroidery and clothing design.


The women are also provided with all the tools they need to get started, which includes sewing machines, fabrics, and threads. Through providing all the necessary tools, the project hopes to increase each woman’s assets as well as participation.

The project is keen on creating a supportive environment. Women are encouraged to teach others and provide business to local owners. There are also seamstresses in the work-space so that the work can be divided up evenly.


Impact-Aid has enabled these women to become self-sufficient and aspiring entrepreneurs in the embroidery business. Not only can they create clothing, but they are taught how to purchase material as well. Once the women are finished creating the pieces, they are shipped to Virginia or New York City where Impact-Aid sells the work. Ninety percent of the profit made goes directly back to the women as their salaries. This empowers women in their communities by allowing them to gain a source of income and become providers for their families.


The line created specifically focuses on traditional embroidery as well as the kimono. Most of us can agree that the kimono is a must have in any wardrobe. It’s chic, trendy, versatile.


It can be worn as a casual piece or jazzed up as formal wear. Kimonos are also trans-generational and considered to be as classic as the little black dress. The kimonos made through this project are especially unique because of the women creating them.


Each piece is authentically hand crafted and the money towards a purchase supports an amazing cause. The voices of the women are heard through their creations. Their skill and strength is expressed in the beauty of their work.



For more information and to purchase items from the line, visit Impact-Aid at their website. This is your chance to support an amazing cause and look stylish at the same time. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.