I’m Fat, Black, & Visibly Muslim: This Is My #BODYProject

This is the most scared I’ve ever been releasing a project. Ahhh! Like, seriously, y’all. This is the teaser/trailer to a new series of visual art pieces called #BodyProject brought to you by myself and the brilliant team of Reel Clever Films LLC​.

I used to hide behind ill-fitting clothes. Makeup. A man. My thin girlfriends. I wanted to hide because I was told that a fat girl’s only place was behind-the-scenes. A Muslim girl’s only role was to be a wife, a mother. A Black girl’s only role was to conform. Straighten her hair. Talk proper. To never offend.

I’m here to smash all of the one-dimensional, stereotypes of what a fat, Black, and very Muslim girl should be with one question: Do I make you uncomfortable? GOOD.

Full Video Drops July 18, 2017!


MUA: Madinah Muhammad​
MUSIC: Comer Dorris

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