How to Stop Following the Crowd & Live Your Own Life

This world is not what I expected it to be. Today, societal trends overpower talent and hard work, making it difficult to truly shine. Standing out and being yourself is the only way to stay real and not be corrupted by corporate branding and their fabrication of images.  People have been brought up to judge based on appearances, presentations, and aesthetic. Unfortunately, whether they are aware of it or not, every individual living in this day and age has been subjected to this scrutiny. The constant judgement fosters a society where most of us are self-absorbed, yet insecure. To feel accepted and confident, we find reasons to lead our lives based on the opinions of others. Striving to grab attention, we exploit our physical appearance for social media followings and popularity.

But reality is not what we see on media platforms, rather it lives in the hearts of the innocent and the “real”. “Real” people are those who go against socially constructed laws and do not believe in conformity. They’re the ones who bravely stand out in a crowd, and speak their truth regardless of what people around them think.

I always tried to be that “not following the crowd” type of person. And from experience, I have learned that the only way to stay true to yourself is by changing the mindset you live in accordance to. Don’t live life based on society’s expectations; live up to your own set of unique standards. Believe in Allah (SWT) so that you channel spiritual energy to carry you through. Avoid the gossip, because it only traps you in this world.  This helps you remember that at the end of the day, everything is temporary. Keeping in mind that all social requirements fade is the most important aspect of learning to love yourself and live up to your own expectations.

Don’t bury yourself trying follow society because their standards of perfection are out of reach. It is better to live a life where YOU are happy with yourself than living to make others happy.

Don’t forget, it’s your life, your mindset, your body. No one else is living it; only you are. Imagine you are the front seat driver of your life. Take the wheel and drive in the direction of your will. Strive towards your dreams, regardless of how scary it might seem. And always keep in mind that everyone around you lives with their insecurities and weaknesses, but it does not mean you must follow their beliefs to feel acceptance and peace.