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How to Start a Business With a New Baby In The House

Starting your own business as a new parent may seem risky and overwhelming. But parenthood and entrepreneurship have a lot in common – there is the birthing (of a person/an idea) and the long first year of intense ups and downs. However, having a baby can be inspiring, and you can channel your 3 am up-all-night-desperation into your work.

Muslim Girl explains how you can look after both your babies for success at home and work.

Embrace the Highs and Lows

According to the American Psychological Association, it is estimated that over 75% of new moms experience postpartum depression – and most dads are along for the ride! The period after giving birth comes with many different emotional states, adrenaline crashes, and tears. There’s a lot to get used to – all at once. That’s why we suggest going slow with your business the first few months and easing yourself into your new normal. 

Begin with the basics, like setting up your business formation and EIN. What is an EIN number? This is your Employer Identification Number and is the tax ID through which the IRS tracks your payroll taxes. Having an EIN makes it easier to file both federal and state taxes (annually and quarterly), so having it set up earlier will save you headaches down the line. Once you have a routine set, you can pick up the pace business-wise.

Use Tech Tools for Both Your Babies

A new business is just as demanding as a baby in the house. There are invoices to sort out, vendors to reach out to, and processes to automate. A screaming baby certainly doesn’t help either! Here are a few of our favorite types of apps for parent-preneurs:

  • To-do list apps: New parents have to do everything – from feeding and nursing to watching and soothing. Your business will likely require all sorts of shared lists, due dates, and reminders as well. Use an app like Odoo or TimeHero to never miss a deadline – in business or your baby’s day.
  • Time tracking apps: According to Harvard Business Review, we end up scrolling through our phones and wasting time right when we need to hunker down and focus. Use apps like Forest or Pomodoro to gamify productivity. It will also help you keep track of how much you’re working on a task, thus allowing you to shift things around for a more balanced approach.
  • Lifestyle apps: There’s no shame in admitting that we need a cooldown. Download an app like White Noise Baby to soothe your little one into sleep, allowing you to get some time off for work. Else, when business obligations are piling up, use an app like Headspace to ease out of the stress and center yourself.

Get help

Try to set up a schedule with your partner to ensure someone is watching the baby at all times while the other minds the business. Color-coding, time blocking, and planning as far ahead as possible will get you everywhere! Set up a small playroom or crib in your office space so that you can mind the baby during work calls or business meetings. And lastly, seek help. Use an app to find a babysitter in your area on short notice or hire a freelancer from a site like Fiverr to do some of the more mundane business tasks for you. 

Life will always get in the way of making big decisions like starting a business. It will never be the right time, and managing a work-life balance is hard either way – so why not start now? Your baby is a boon in your life, so don’t use your kid as an excuse for the fear of failing. Just get out there, give it your all, and you will get through baby and business successfully!

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