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How to Plan a Beautiful At-Home Graduation on a Budget

If you or your child will be celebrating a graduation this year, there’s a good chance you may have to commemorate this milestone totally or partially at home. In an effort to keep you and your family safe, you may feel that you have to eliminate some elements of your celebration. However, there are some fun and practical ways you can make your graduation party one to remember even if you’re having your party at home.

Order a Cap and Gown

Whether you or your children attend a conventional high school or college or have been attending school online, you can make the graduation event more memorable by ordering your cap and gown. Your friends and family who are watching virtually will be able to see your school colors and witness you moving your tassel to signify that you’ve completed all the academic requirements necessary for graduation. You may also want to order a class ring as a reminder of your accomplishment that you can wear daily. This may likely be the most costly part of your at-home celebration but having these mementos will be worth it in the long run.

Send Out Virtual Invitations

Once you know the date of your graduation, you can send e-invitations to your friends and loved ones so they can tune in to watch you “walk across the stage.” There are several websites you can visit to create a fun and festive invitation that your relatives and friends can keep forever. If you plan on having the party outdoors, you may want to invite a small group of close friends to celebrate with you in person since you’ll likely be able to successfully socially distance yourselves outside.

Plan a Menu

If the graduation celebration is for you, you can work with your loved ones to plan a menu that features all your favorite entrees or appetizers. If you’re planning the festivities for your child, you can create fun party foods that feature the graduate’s school colors. Since you’re having the celebration at home and probably won’t invite many people, you can be a little more creative with the menu without spending too much money on food. Or, you can save time and perhaps some money by having the graduation meal catered by you or your child’s favorite restaurant. It’s the next best thing to being able to dine at the eatery of your choice and you can spend more quality time with your family instead of cooking in the kitchen for hours. It’s also a good idea to decorate the table with color-appropriate decor like faux rose arrangements, streamers, and balloons to make the graduation meal more festive.

Plan the “Pomp and Circumstance”

When the graduation ceremony starts, the graduate should walk across the “stage” (which will likely be your living room) but since you’re having the celebration at home, you can customize it to your liking. Allow the graduate to walk the stage to their favorite song when their name is called or let them perform a dance routine for their loved ones to enjoy virtually. You can also print out a diploma for the graduate to accept or give your child the diploma that was mailed to them from their high school or college. Allow the graduate to take time to thank their family and friends for celebrating with them or to talk about their plans for the future.

Customize the Graduation Party

Once the graduate in your home has officially completed their milestone, let them plan the activities they’d like to engage in to make this milestone more memorable. For instance, you may want to have a small fireworks display to show off the graduate’s school colors or a game night that involves the sport the graduate played in school. Adding a personal element to the graduation celebration will make it extra special for your entire family even if you’re not able to invite as many people as you may have hoped.

It’s no secret that our world has changed tremendously over the past year and a half, but people are still achieving important goals in their lives and want to enjoy the benefits of their hard work with the people who mean the most to them. By keeping these graduation party tips in mind, you can organize an event that will make the graduate in your life feel loved and appreciated.