How I Beat Acne

I don’t have the best of skin. In fact, I have the average teenage girl’s skin – somewhat oily, prone to breakouts, and always cursed with a new pimple popping up right before a day when you NEED a clear face.

That’s a double whammy when teamed up with my sensitive skin. The first time I used an acne medicine, my face turned as red as my mom’s shesh -kabob’ed tomatoes and swelled up into an itchy, leathery mess. I can’t use a single face wash, pimple cream, or acne medication because I get an allergic reaction from all of them.

So, I thought that all of that would make me an unlikely candidate for receiving an “ooh, you have such great skin!” compliment… until a few days ago, when I walked into the kitchen and my entire family turned to stare at me. “Look how much your skin cleared up!” my mother cooed. It was even more shocking when my little brother, the kid who taunts me 24/7, acknowledged the tremendous improvement as well. “What’d you use?” he asked.

“Wudu (ablution),” I replied with a smile.

Really, ablution is a tremendous healer for me. Foremost, it keeps you pure and prevents sickness since you’re basically cleansing yourself five times a day. But, then you can have a power combo when you use supplication with your ablution.

When I wash my face during ablution, I say three times, “Ya Rab (Oh God), let my face clear up.” They say Proactiv takes up to two weeks to see results, but I saw results within only five days of repeating this step daily. Subhan’Allah!

Other supplications I use constantly during ablution:

  • Washing hands: “Ya Rab, let these hands write a great term paper.” — Awesome for those essays that you really can’t bring yourself to start, or feel less-than-great about.
  • Washing mouth: “Ya Rab, let me maintain control of my tongue.” — For umaka, umaka, umaka purposes.
  • Washing mouth: “Ya Rab, let me always speak eloquently.” — I’m into debates and public speaking, so I feel this one’s a must.
  • Wetting hair: “Ya Rab, strengthen my hair.” — For those sisters always sporting straightened or styled hair under their scarves 😉
  • Cleaning ears: “Ya Rab, let me hear only things that are hilal.” — Trying to steer clear of gossip.
  • Washing feet: “Ya Rab, heal my feet.” — Used the most during the summer months, when wearing sandals everyday definitely takes its toll.

Subhan’Allah, Allah (SWT) gives us countless opportunities everyday to seek his assistance, and He’s more generous than we can ever imagine when He (SWT) administers it. His decrees are more powerful healers than even the most advanced of medicine. When the next prayer begins, insha’Allah, get up and make supplication during your ablutions. See for yourself the tremendous impact they can make.