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How Donald Trump Renewed My Faith in Islam

How Donald Trump Renewed My Faith in Islam

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Written by Runna Othman.


Islamophobia is not a new phenomenon created by Donald Trump by any means. Islam began as a something strange and it will return to being strange, so blessed are the strangers.” (Sahih Muslim 145) However, The Donald’s blatantly Islamophobic, hateful rhetoric has created a free-for-all when it comes to bullying Muslim communities in the United States, and abroad (re: #MuslimBan).

A hostile environment can breed two stark scenarios. In the first scenario, Muslims fear being openly Muslim. Hijabi women, and non Hijabi women alike, are afraid to leave their houses, rightfully so, due to the intimidating climate. However, the second scenario is one that I have already seen begin happening, and has inspired me greatly to be confident in my identity. Muslims all over the world have continued to openly practice Islam, and have inspired millions globally to band together to resist the new regime.

Muslims all over the world have continued to openly practice Islam, and have inspired millions globally to band together to resist the new regime.

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In actively resisting the bigotry, I have come to renew my faith in God. For many years I have taken for granted the gift of Islam, and have lost sight of what it actually means to be a Muslim. To be a Muslim is to reject racism. To be a Muslim is to help those in need; whether they have legal documentation or not. To be a Muslim is to stand up for your brothers and sisters, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, when they are being shot in the street without any justification. To be a Muslim is to give a voice to the voiceless.

So from now on, I will embody the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah to the best of my ability. I will proudly pray my five prayers wherever I please. I will fast the month of Ramadan, even if there is free pizza in the café at work. I will declare from the rooftops that God is One and the Prophet Muhammad is his Messenger. I will take a selfie in front of the Kabah, if I ever have the chance to make it there. And I will most definitely rock my hijab with the most badass outfit I can put together. I hope you will too.

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  • Hi Confused muslim girl . Please be aware your actions in most muslim country’s would land you in a rape room or stoned to death or perhaps your tongue would be cut out . Your religion/cult is a an abomination to the world .You all talk of peace and love and tolerance . Today there are woman being stoned to death, beaten ,enslaved. Gays are tossed off roof tops, churches are being blown up, muslims are killed like rats by muslims . Great religion really . Can you tell me the last time a mosque was blown up in USA? how about never .What about the last time a woman was stoned to death for I don’t know ,driving a car perhaps ? Never happened never will . I wish you brave muslims who live in fake fear and want to stand up to the regime as you call it would get a clue . The only thing a muslim has to fear is another muslim. I mean you do pay attention to world news ? Anyone smell saran gas? That’s not pop rocks foaming out of there little mouths .
    Perhaps you should go back to a muslim country and take a look around . Careful though don’t let your ankle be seen and make sure you walk behind the men , Oh don’t drive what ever you do . If you can talk to some woman ,the ones that still have there tongues that is, your see who really lives in fear . If you get bored on your trip you can count the heads being used as soccer balls or visit the mosques that have been blown up watch out for the body parts though they will stain your khimar. Afraid in USA really .It is called democracy by the people for the people not some sadist god . Here is some advice assimilate join the party . Nobody gives a shit about stupid religion and fake fear .

    • Really – you believe in Superman and Spiderman after watching a movie! You are a zombie of modern times no doubt. You believe every shit they throw at you through the media and you love to digest this shit making your ego and dark soul relish. You have not seen fear yet! – die with a wretched soul – continue to talk stupid about others. Soon you will know who was riding a horse and who was riding on a donkey!

  • Most sane people, try very hard (and civilly, via non-violent insults) to remove the Commo’Cored stupidity out of all fools, particularly taxpayer-funded imbeciles, who are now often in a fraudulent/ privileged position of power, (usually placed and controlled by bribery/ extortion), but offence (which can only ever be, a chosen, personal re-action), is illegal. What ? …..Nonsensical (yes) the ravings of a legal-lunatic ? (obviously) . A miscarriage of justice, before an impossible event ? Fuk me, (and I hope you don’t choose to be offended by my emphasis) it’s impossible to offend anyone, anywhere, at any time but an inanimate object/ idea/ can now also be offended ? WTF ? This (obviously) a backdoor blasphemy-law/ diarrhea-sharia scam. …… …….Never in the history of man, has that been good (for anything but dictatorships). This is why beer and bullets were invented (and you should have started shooting these invading-saboteurs yesterday). While our overpaid sergeant-at-arms( Mt Flaccid) is still sleeping, I suggest you buy gun-deodorant (for under both arms) (and never turn the other cheek unless it has a barrel against it)…… …….And while everyone’s ears are still ringing (or still singing along with news headlines. “The muzi on the bus goes, bang-bang-bang “) ………….And The muzi on the street goes, stab-stab-stab,…And the muzi on the plane goes, slash-slash-slash And the muzi in the truk goes, TruckU too, etc.etc. ………….Today, on what was once our trusted ABC which is now no better than that other muzi rip-off joke, the post office. The now Billion $+ fraud/ fran kelly, is headlining, that none of this has anything to do with terror ? NEWS ? (Never-Ending Worthless-Shit) ……………..You know you are being lied to, and ripped off, (Agenda-Biased-Crap) / CNN (Caliphate-Nonsense-Nightly) NBC (Nirvana-Burning Cunts) CIA (Criminaly-Incorporated Arse-holes) which like most media, is owned by the monied Illuminati, that get most of their ill-gotten gains by manipulating the buying power of any currency, plus starting/ maintaining a war (and supplying both sides). (Again) …. ……. Yes .Most of Hitlers vehicles were powered by Ford engines. ……Yes hitler was just another Illuminati-funded, thieving socialist arse-hole puppet, happily demonizing and deporting Jews, but the gas-chambers was a muzi (mufti hussani) moronic koranic prof-icy requirement. (the muzi fantasy is until all Jews (infidels) are destroyed, mardi will not bring the replacement planet (flatter than flat) no 72 virgins, no 300 sexy boys , no river of wine, no new bigger stiffer longer new cok, no sex 100 times a day etc.etc. ) that incentive is repeated today, every day, in every mosque that was ever built or stolen. …….Same reason that there will never be ( can never be) peace, in the middle-east ..koranic-prophecy… .NOTE all prophets are just schizophrenic-guessers…. plus muzlam doesn’t allow freedom of personal religious-belief OR assimilation with infidevils, (just association, intergration then interrogation and assassination). ……….. muzlam (since its invention in the 7th century) is a convenient continuous war machine, (always corroding in three stages ) and has it been good for someone ? something ? somewhere ? at sometime ? possibly in never-never land ? Heads-R-Us land ?..Fuk-U-2-land?. ..Well for anyone civilized its catch-22. ………………Oh, and dont forget it’s your fault (apparently, and also media says you are bad) (and need to pay) and also deserve to continue to have your assets stolen, by saudi/ soros/ bildergerg-mobsters etc. who are continually bribing your Politicians and Councillors, usually with stolen/ fossil-oil dollars, to ” throw any civilized (your) future, under a bus, to fix (?) this deliberately-cultivated, unfixable muzi-mafia/ mayhem “, to rip-off, both you and your children’s future, by overriding/ diverting your vote, to the muzl-controlled, un-elected UN. (The muzi-controlled, nation-eliminator / total-world-slavery project) .(No one really knows which flea owns the dog, but only nations have a dole-office …just sayn’) …….. ……. …………NOTE 1. As you may be aware any muzi moving anywhere, is an invader (Stage 1. deceive and infiltrate) (and is the only stage, where they even attempt, to appear to be, non-combatants) …………. ………………. .Also. Stage 2. at infidel-population contamination over 5% (or any muzi staying anywhere), is a hand-biting saboteur (subvert and weaken) of any infidel (mentally, and plus any infidel-industry, financially). …..SUB NOTE . all muzi are assassins-in-waiting, (supposed to wait) (ISIS is just some Stage 3rs, the over-eager rapists/ murderers) supposed to wait for the weakening/ disarming success, of Stage 1 and 2, before attempting Stage 3. (infidel-genocide). ………………Obviously this muzi-bastardy will never / can never conclude, or win , that’s the beauty of it (for the profiting Illuminati ). ……muzi Sewer-slide rapeUgees, are the classic, kill you in a heart-beat, zombies. So each way, every day taxpaying-infidels lose. Only patriotic leaders like Churchill, Putin, Trump etc. who knew/ know the problem and are prepared to risk their own personal future, (to work on behalf of the civilized) are worthy of respect. Not actors (who just lie for a living) ……muzi anything/ anywhere/ anytime is a dog-eat-dog snake pit / snake-eat-snake dog pit.. .No wonder veterans suicide after realizing their best efforts was doomed from the start. Any mention of the golden-rule, or the world is round will always unite these indoctrinated-dolts to even more inhuman-atrocities…….. ………Plus, any Gangreenies/ peace movement / save the universe/ black lies matter/ get-up / stop the sky from falling etc. etc. are all muzi inventions, to demonize/ demoralize/ disarm/ degrade or destroy, the protective resistance of the essential to a future (infidel) productive ……………NOTE. Only taxpaying employees/ employers (and the protective) can be patriots. All else are just parasitic-pawns/ drug-pushers, stealing for today, unable to even spell the word, ethics, happy to take a muzi-bribe and give their vote to any socialist-mafia, who promises to do the stealing/ extorting, (foot-shooting) on their behalf…as muzlam works towards no tomorrow…….. NOTE muzi have nothing to live for only things to kill and die for. Your death is their ticket to rape-heven. ……………………muzi/ Illuminati both being insanely-rich, insanely-lazy, and insanely-insane, preferred option, has always been getting infidel-patriots, fighting infidel-parasites (that’s why anything stupid wasteful, nonsensical (like banning the essential-to-life Co2 ) is promoted/ assisted, plus as any similar-strength attack/ resistance forces, will ensure a longer/ more-crippling conflict and less people left, for the stage 3. muzi (to mop-up later) win ? But the MEDIA (Masturbating-Every-Demorat-In-America), says HEY, look over there, Pokemon has just converted to muzlam (and been given a UN peace-prize).. who would have thought . So lets all dress up as a vagina (because spoons make you fat) ………muzi don’t care, their mosque-promised fantasy-future, raping your grandchildren, is not even on this planet. …….Illuminati don’t care, they want most of the world population dead anyway (for their NWO total-slavery, agenda 21). …….And civilizing-capitalism wont kill itself. Duh. (they just grow more, or build more, as need requires)….

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