Last Minute Makeup Looks to Save Your Halloween

It’s about that time, y’all. Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about what costumes we’re going to be slaying in this year. For you hijabis who feel limited when it comes to indulging in Halloween, don’t! There are so many ways you can work a look that’ll express just how creative you can be AND work that gorgeous hijab flow.

Simple & Cute

If you’re the type of lady that enjoys the simple and cute look for Halloween, there’s nothing like dressing up as a precious little animal. The deer makeup look is easy and so darn cute, you won’t be able to help yourself! All you really need is your contour kit because it’s all about bronzing x10!

A nice brown hijab will work well to complement the bronzed look AND act like a coating of fur.


Put on a light colored pair of contacts and some extra lash helps for an even sexier deer look (It isn’t as weird as it sounds).




Empowered Beauties

We can do it! Literally. Rosie the Riveter is such an easy character to cosplay with a nice red turban! Use your favorite red lipstick to bring out the boldness of your characters. Practice your best “boss” grill, and be sure to pump up those biceps for pics! Don’t forget the awesome denim top.




Comic Nerds

When I stumbled on these comic “pop art” tutorials online, I just knew I had to try one out–especially being a comic nerd, myself! This look takes a lot of practice and a light hand, but it turns out so amazing that it’s worth how many times you mess up on your lines! Pick a bold hijab to support the strong colors you’d see in comics. I chose red, but blue and yellow are really strong options, too.




Makeup Fanatics

Yes, I am a makeup fanatic, and yes, I can go overboard. Who cares? Halloween is the best time to go overboard! The “broken doll” look is just one of so many where you can showcase your artistic side! This look requires your favorite makeup essentials with a very special addition of lashes galore! I used two pairs of lashes for one eye to give myself the illusion of having huge, “doll-like” eyes. You can use your favorite liquid eyeliner to draw cracks on your face, but make sure you draw them in lightly!

Use a light hijab, and keep it flowy to give yourself that frilly, angelic glow. You can use another hijab and tie it around your neck in a large bow to accentuate your doll costume!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.45.49 PM copy


Let your creativity fly this season. You don’t have to feel limited during Halloween just because you wear a hijab. Any costume, any makeup look, any style can be accommodated, and you can work whatever you want!

Let us know how creative you decide to get for Halloween!