Hijab-ifying the Lolita Look

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Japan is home to a more unique style than we are used to. Whether it is spiky hair or kitty ears or pink, purple and blue hair, the Japanese people take creativity to an more unique level. The Lolita style is an example of the interesting trends that take over the Japanese streets. Inspired by intricate Victorian dresses and modest layering, the Lolita style is flexible in its genre of clothing. From gothic to sweet to classical, the Lolita style is both diverse and consistent in the important aspects of keeping it Lolita.

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Because of the modest look that comes with the Lolita style, a creative hijabi was able to include Lolita into her own wardrobe! With a colorful teacup flared dress, cute prints on her clothing and large, intricate bows on her hijab, Alyssa is “Livin’ the kawaii life!” as a hijabi Lolita!

On her Tumblr page  as well as on her Instagram, she shows off a style that definitely turns heads! Love it or hate it, the Lolita style is original and unique, and hijab-ifying that style takes hijab fashion to a completely different world!


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Yay or Nay?

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