4 Effortlessly Cool Styles for Your Hijab Girl Summer

Fam, I know you get bored of wrapping that headscarf the same way, every single day. We all know the drill: two rotations around the head, and three pins so that it stays in place.

Despair no more, sisters, because Chic Nunar is here to show us four different styles to wrap our everyday hijabs for summer. They are so simple, so easy, and so fun, that it’s no wonder why they just exude effortless cool. Who knew that such easy breezy styles can be achieved with techniques that anyone can do?

The scarves used in this tutorial are all rectangular jersey fabrics and Chic Nunar shows styles that suit literally everyone. She shows us the best way to achieve that stylish turban look, as well as add creative twists on a classic wrap. And the best part? None of these styles require the use of any pins! I mean, come on! How many times have you found yourself in a rush, only to have lost every single pin you have ever owned? Exactly.

Give these styles a try on a summer day because we are sure you will love them. And guess what? Now you have a use for those jersey hijabs hiding at the bottom of your closet. Yeah, you know the ones. It’s not too late to have your own Hijab Girl Summer, bae.