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Highlights from Baltimore Trump Protest: Our Favorite Chants & Signs

Highlights from Baltimore Trump Protest: Our Favorite Chants & Signs

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Donald Trump has been president for a little more than a week, and he has already proven to us that it’s as bad, if not worse than we thought.

Trump has signed a slew of executive orders, violating a plethora of human rights — from approving permits to the Dakota Access Pipeline to banning Muslim immigrants from entering the United States. These orders have sparked a series of protests in the streets, at airports, and in our communities — wherever and whenever they are needed.

Show up and fight back. Get involved!

We have to show up and fight against such injustice. You don’t have to be a woman to fight for women, you don’t have to be an immigrant to fight for immigrants, you don’t have to be Black or Brown to fight for Black and Brown people — the list goes on. Show up and fight back. Get involved! Our government is horrifying, but this unified front is inspiring.

On Saturday, Jan. 28, people in Baltimore, M.D., also marched to fight back. Protestors began at the Thurgood Marshall Statue outside the Edward J. Garmatz’s Federal Courthouse.

The protest exhibited a myriad of signs and chants. We wanted to show you some of our favorites:


People chanting: “Anytime. Anyplace. Punch a Nazi in the face.”



On #NoDAPL: “Water is life”

DSC_0302 (2)


On #BlackLivesMatter: “No justice. No peace. No racist police.”


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Chant: “What does Democracy look like? This is what Democracy looks like.”



On Refugees: “No Hate. No fear. Immigrants/Refugees are welcome here.”

DSC_0322 (2)


On the Cheeto himself: “He’s orange. He’s gross. He lost the popular vote.”

And: “Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho. White Supremacy got to go.”

DSC_0305 (2)

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  • My favorite is “punch a nazi”.

    Unlike the Palestinian leader and friend of Hitler who fostered the Nazi policy on Jews.

    How about “deny a nazi fascist Muslim by refusing them entry to a civilised country”.

    The majority of the Koran deals with Muslim supremacy and how to deal with kuffar. You guys need a new religion before you get the right to moralise.

    • Uh oh…someone’s fascist mentality is showing. Perhaps you need to read a history text book first before you start with the hypocritical insults…lol

      So it’s actually an exaggeration to say that the majority of the Qur’an deals with the big scary kuffaar – more like smaller parts of it. It deals with absolutely everything in the life of a Muslim like the environment, inheritance, your relationship with God, stories and lessons from the lives of all of God’s messengers and yes references to non-Muslims. Kind of obvious that you haven’t bothered to read it huh?

      Anyways about that vague Palestinian friend that you claim became Hitler’s best buddy… I think you’re referring to the Grand Mufti of Palestine who visited Hitler. That dude that supposedly had so much power as a puppet of the British Empire colonizing Palestine at the time. Well news flash…Muslims don’t have a papacy. We, including Palestinians, are not beholden to any particular opinion or religious ruling of any one mufti or scholar like the Catholics are to the Pope. So what he ever did or said to Hitler, the neighbor, or his cousin’s dog was basically his private business and has nothing to do with the rest of the Muslim world.

      Also, I think you’re indulging in a bit of mythology about how much power some brown-skinned mufti had over the Aryan pure Hitler. Personally I have a hard time believing that some guy who didn’t even have the resources to escape the colonization of his own country would tap Hitler on the shoulder and say “Hey why don’t you gas 6 million innocent people for being Jewish and perform all nifty sorts of torture and experiments and them. And when you’re done you can steal all their money and precious possessions of value because really I don’t think I deserve any of it”…And Hitler was just so dumb that he went along with it because he couldn’t come up with something better.

    • Islam is a manifesto for Nazism full stop. Gimme a break.

      And regarding suggesting reading the Koran. Not a chance. The spectrum of Muslims from the devout Muslims of Islamic state to pretend Muslim politicians interpret it in different ways anyhow. You may not have a papacy but what you do have is the biggest bag of dumb ass Islamic scholars. Are you serious about these loons?

      Why do you need scholars unless the Koran is absolutely pointless?

      Fascist no as Islam is pure fascism. Anti-islam yes, like the majority people in the world are. And we don’t care about geopolitics. We just don’t want a hostile ideology such as Islam in our midst whether spread by refugees or 3rd generation Pakistanis.

      Wise up and understand this before running off to Google some stats.

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