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Highlights from Baltimore Trump Protest: Our Favorite Chants & Signs

Donald Trump has been president for a little more than a week, and he has already proven to us that it’s as bad, if not worse than we thought.

Trump has signed a slew of executive orders, violating a plethora of human rights — from approving permits to the Dakota Access Pipeline to banning Muslim immigrants from entering the United States. These orders have sparked a series of protests in the streets, at airports, and in our communities — wherever and whenever they are needed.

Show up and fight back. Get involved!

We have to show up and fight against such injustice. You don’t have to be a woman to fight for women, you don’t have to be an immigrant to fight for immigrants, you don’t have to be Black or Brown to fight for Black and Brown people — the list goes on. Show up and fight back. Get involved! Our government is horrifying, but this unified front is inspiring.

On Saturday, Jan. 28, people in Baltimore, M.D., also marched to fight back. Protestors began at the Thurgood Marshall Statue outside the Edward J. Garmatz’s Federal Courthouse.

The protest exhibited a myriad of signs and chants. We wanted to show you some of our favorites:


People chanting: “Anytime. Anyplace. Punch a Nazi in the face.”



On #NoDAPL: “Water is life”

DSC_0302 (2)


On #BlackLivesMatter: “No justice. No peace. No racist police.”



Chant: “What does Democracy look like? This is what Democracy looks like.”



On Refugees: “No Hate. No fear. Immigrants/Refugees are welcome here.”

DSC_0322 (2)


On the Cheeto himself: “He’s orange. He’s gross. He lost the popular vote.”

And: “Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho. White Supremacy got to go.”

DSC_0305 (2)