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Here’s What Muslims Think of Miss Universe 2021

In case you missed it, the Miss Universe 2021 competition will be held on December 12th at the Red Sea resort of Eilat. Quite recently, many contestants have withdrawn from the competition, mostly because of the pandemic and its travel restrictions.

However, Miss South Africa, Lalela Mswane, has refused to withdraw and has even made it to Israel regardless of the travel ban imposed on African countries.

And as backlash surged from tweeps who denounced Mswane’s decision of condoning the policies of an apartheid country, we asked Muslims what they thought of hosting the competition there, and these answers sum up the whole situation.

Big Disappointment

Some respondents have noted that they’re disappointed by the news of hosting the competition in an apartheid country because that way they’re covering up the genocide of the Palestinians.

It’s really upsetting, and it displays the true stance on the apartheid of those in charge. 🙁

— @serenealyahia

Makes me lose faith in humanity.

— @Noorsaarahali

They are trying to clean up the genocide they are doing to the Palestinian people… world peace?

— @ikramsaadouni

I will not watch it and I prefer every Muslim participant not to attend.

— @tahera2rani

One of the ways to restore the destroyed image of IsraHELL.

— @yusra_shahnawaz

Israel shouldn’t be allowed to host any events!!!

— @deeqo__

A sexist anti-women event being hosted in an apartheid country – say no to both.

— @zuhrabahman

Free Palestine

There’s no way that a state that is occupying a country, killing its people, and forcing them out of their homes can be hosting a global event that supposedly reflects diversity and inclusion. That is to say, contestants from all over the world come to compete and also have fun together, regardless of their differences.

So nothing can be as ironic as having an apartheid country, that knows nothing of diversity or inclusion, host an event that, more or less, manifests these two principles.

In this regard, respondents agree that Israel should never be considered a legitimate country in the first place because it’s an occupation, and it should be called by what it is.

It’s not Israel, it’s Palestine. It’s celebrated in Palestine.

— @lylia.lilii

There’s no such country called Israel.

— @rokaiaziane

Can we stop calling an apartheid country by a name? I only know Palestine! Free it!

— @ayaafrimach

Miss South Africa

Respondents also shed light on Miss South Africa’s insistence on her decision to participate in an apartheid country, even after her government withdrew its support for her.

Some respondents believe she should decide for herself, while others believe that she’s being materialistic.

Money play. As if the country of Israel doesn’t already have an exorbitant amount, smh.

— @_sumayyaaa

As a South African, where do I begin?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

— @itsmesums

It’s her choice. Let her deal with the consequences later on.

— @inspire_me_102

She cares about money and “fame,” which she will not take to the grave anyways. 😬

— @jerusalem_pali

We’re just a few days away from the competition, and contestants are currently doing interviews in occupied Palestine. And this apartheid country is, again, being let off for its human rights violations as many more countries are normalizing relations with it.

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