Here’s Why One Muslim Mama is Toning It Down for Ramadan This Year

Ramadan is beginning next week! I am excited, anxious and inspired by this fact. But it’s also the end of a busy and long school year, and I have three children in three different schools. I am busy volunteering for field days, chaperoning field trips, planning activities for end of the year class parties and celebrating birthdays.
So when my daughter asks me, “Where are the Ramadan lights, Mama?” I wistfully tell her “Not this year.”
Yes, I spent the past couple years creating a Ramadan wonderland for my children, filling the house with lights and presents, and crafting up projects like my Laylat Al Qadr camping night and baking gingerbread mosques. I even wrote a book on it!
But this year, Mama is exhausted and is going to have to take Ramadan down a notch. It doesn’t mean that we won’t be reading our favorite Ramadan books, reciting Quran, praying as a family, chatting away during suhoor, or cooking yummy iftars together. Those are the memories I have of Ramadan.
There are some amazing moms out there, showcasing their Pinterest-worthy creations of modpodge lanterns and Ramadan treat bags for their neighbors. But I plan to worship smart, not hard, this Ramadan. There are 30 days to make Ramadan memorable for my children. And if all else fails, what child doesn’t want to wake up Eid morning to some amazing Eid presents!
Ramadan Mubarak!
Written by Sam’n Iqbal