Here’s What We Know About the Nice, France Terror Attack

Yesterday, a horrific attack on France took place.
A man was alleged to have driven a 19 ton truck into crowds gathered for Bastille Day festivities in the French Riviera city of Nice.  Eighty four people were killed, including 10 children, and many others were injured.
The death toll may unfortunately rise, as there are still hundreds in the hospital, with approximately 50 in the intensive care unit.
The attacker, who was alleged to be a 31 year old Tunisian-born Frenchmen Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a married delivery driver and father of three, was killed in by police in an exchange of gunfire at the scene.
French police have not yet confirmed his identity.  It is being reported his estranged wife is now in police custody as well, and being questioned about Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s possible links to terrorism.  Investigators are working to discern his motives, and if he acted alone, or had accomplices.  He was not on any terrorist watch lists, but he did have a criminal history.
His history included assault with a weapon, domestic violence threats, and robbery.  He last appeared in criminal court as recently as March.
A search of the vehicle used in the attacks revealed a pistol, a larger gun, and numerous fake weapons and grenades.
Neighbors described him to The Telegraph as “very weird,” saying “He lived alone. He said very little to anyone and wasn’t very polite. He wouldn’t hold the door open for you.”
Other neighbors told BFM TV that following his divorce, he became “depressed and unstable, even aggressive.”  They attributed his behaviors to his divorce, and “financial problems.”
Others noted that he wasn’t particularly interested in religion, but more occupied with women and salsa, with one neighbor explicitly saying he was “more into women than religion.”
“He (didn’t) pray and like(d) girls and Salsa,” to the reporting crime correspondent.