Here’s How to Build Your Confidence

“Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows.” – Brittany Packnett

So, we’re just about half way through November, and you know what thats means. We’re just a short month away from a tsunami of resolutions for the new year.

But did you know that over 70% of girls between the ages of 15 and 17 will actually go out of their way to avoid normal, everyday activities because of low self-confidence? That number is staggering! Tying into that, according to Common Sense Media, teenagers average about 50 hours of screen time per week. Nine out of 10 teenagers have used social media in the past, and four out of five maintain social media accounts. It’s safe to say that in the last 30 years, the avenues through which we can learn to doubt ourselves have multiplied ten-fold.

“Confidence keeps us going even when we fail.”

Not only is that statistic disturbing at a time when social media has guaranteed a myriad of platforms where we can’t help but compare ourselves to the lives and likes of those occupying our digital space, it also has far-reaching consequences for how we learn to engage as we grow in our lives and our careers. It has far-reaching consequences on the political landscape which is so desperately in need of civic engagement from young Muslims, in order for our narratives to be acknowledged.

“…face each day with the confidence you need to redesign the world in the image of your own dreams.”

And so, that brings us to Brittany Packnett, an activist, educator, and writer. In this Ted Talk, Brittany tackles the importance of giving “confidence” the weight it deserves. No more treating your confidence like a soft skill to be developed if you have a spare minute here or there. A solid sense of confidence is the foundation upon which we build ourselves, and for that reason, confidence is the most pertinent part of our makeup as human beings.

In this inspiring seminar, Brittany speaks out about how confidence is a skill which is rewarded in some, and punished in others. She makes a compelling and motivating argument that confidence is what keeps us going when we fail, and as such, is non-negotiable. So come along on this journey to a more confident you, so that we can all — to use Brittany’s own words — face each day with the confidence needed to redesign the world in our own dreams.