Here’s How I Take Ownership of My Spirituality During Ramadan

For Muslims, Ramadan is the month that we try to increase our iman and seek Allah’s (SWT) mercy to redeem ourselves from jahannam. Here is a list of small acts that I include in my daily routine to make the most of this holy month:

1. Urging God in Prayers

From personal experience, I’ve always thought that praying to God about worldly matters in Ramadan was unacceptable, mainly because it’s  a spiritual month. But with time, I realized there is nothing more wholesome and humble than asking Allah for everything we need. For even the smallest things that we think are not to pray for, we just have to pray sincerely and surely Allah SWT will grant you what you pray for.

2. Vain Talking

In Ramadan, we tend to spend our evenings with friends and family, which is a good thing! But we also waste this precious time talking in vain about unnecessary topics, therefore we should all try and be the voice of reason in these situations and drive the discussion to topics that may help us have a better Ramadan, or that increase our iman. Better yet, why not to recite Quran together to bring Barak to the family?

3. Engaging Children

Ramadan is not only about eating food and passing time in leisure. The same thing should apply for children! We should, of course, involve them in the food-making and the fun activities, but as adults, we should also teach them about the importance of this month and how the messenger and his friends used to spend this month the right way. We can do this while preparing Ramadan decorations or during the time of iftar to make every moment of the month special.

4. Selfishness

Ramadan is all about sharing and being generous. Although with the rise of social media and various platforms that give a person a fake sense of self-worth, we have increasingly started to become more selfish, caring about ourselves only. Ramadan is the month where we should remember that there are other people who need our help. Joining charities and associations will not only help the person in need, but will also make a difference in our lives as well.

5. Taking Advantage

Taking advantage usually has a negative connotation, but when it comes to the holy month it takes another direction. Everyone can take advantage of Ramadan in his/her own way, whether by giving more in charity or praying sunnah as well as el fardh, reading Quran everyday with tafsir, and many other activities that would be rewarding and would increase our iman.

6. Relying Only on Ramadan

Ramadan is only one month a year, therefore we should be ready to enjoy every minute of it. But we should also keep up the hard work after Ramadan, and making the most of this Holy month is the best way to ensure that our iman increases so that we have the guidance of Allah with us throughout  the year.

Let’s make this Ramadan the beginning of a lifestyle that is closer Allah (SWT), and full of iman. Ramadan Kareem!


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