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Here’s the Eid Ready Skin Care Regimen You Need to Implement

If your skin looks anything like mine during Ramadan, then you know just how annoying it is for your face to be crusty and oily and everything- in-between all at once. And I, for one, am sick of the eye poop all over my poor lids.

But, fear not! Muslim Girl has got you covered. We offer you an array of simple steps to finding your Ramadan Glow just in time for Eid, even when you’re fasting. Try a few of the most convenient methods and let us know how it goes in the comment section below!


This is the number one rule for supple and smooth skin. Once you break your fast from a long day of dehydration, the best way to rejuvenate your body is with pure water. Not juices or sodas or especially the c-word. Coffee.

“Dehydration is caused by a lack of water in your skin cells-when it is temporary (i.e. Ramadan),” Northern Virginia Dermatologist Dr. Noreen Galaria stressed.  “It is treated quite easily by just drinking more water.”

The question is how much?

In general, I’ve found the half-to-full rule very effective. Everyday, one should drink half of their weight to their full weight in ounces of water. If a person weighs 100 pounds, they should be drinking from 50 oz-100 oz of water, depending on activity, elevation levels, exposure to sun, etc.

Hydrate your skin, too. 

Cue my metaphor that at first will seem childish but will then make so much sense and broaden all of your horizons!

We have to think of skin as a growing plant. When you water a plant, the first and most important thing is to water the roots, so that’s where the drinking water comes from; we are hydrating from the inside. The next essential part to hydrating a plant is watering the leaves, and that’s where the topical side of skincare comes in.

We have to think of skin as a growing plant.

Serums are a great way to lock in nutrients and moisture for your skin. I personally use Origins Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Serum mixed with the Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins renewal cream (the latter came free after purchasing the former) and I’ve noticed a huge difference. Argan oil, coconut oil and lavender/tea tree essential oils are also really great natural options, that work to fight acne, acne scars and dark spots.

Remember to moisturize everywhere too. No one likes a wrinkly neck or saggy atom’s apple or droopy eyes, so start the practices while you’re young ladies!

Face masks are another obvious solution, but you have to be really careful about what kind you choose.

“The goal of face masks would be to help your skin reach peak moisture levels. Two tablespoons of greek yogurt applied for 10 min is a great DIY way to get a lot of moisture into your skin fast,” Dr. Galaria said. “If you are buying a mask avoid clay based products in Ramadan as these will dry you out even more. Avocado, honey and oatmeal masks are all good choices.”

Sheet masks from amazon or your local drug store are more alternatives that generally moisturize rather than dry.

If you’re feeling really dry throughout the day and need something on the go, buy your own spray bottle and mix cucumber water or rose water (though that is generally more expensive) with a little glycerin and you will have your own DIY face mist.

No sleep? No problem.

A lack of sleep should not stop you from completely giving up on your skin during Ramadan.

Dr. Galaria has a quick tip for those sleepless nights during Layla-tal Qadar: “Try taking used black tea bags and popping them into the fridge and then placing them onto your eyes for 10 minutes before getting ready-they visibly decrease puffiness and under eye swelling.”

Power naps in between Asr and Maghrib prayer are also always a good idea. When you do go to bed use a great overall moisturizer after your serums/oils to top your skin with. Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb has always left me feeling good, but basic Cetaphil products will do the job too.

Power naps in between Asr and Maghrib prayer are also always a good idea.

Moisturizing your lips too are also critical, so put some lip balm on before bed, or be ratchet like me and smear some vaseline on them and they’ll still be poppin’ (even if it’s not lip gloss) when you wake up in the morning.


Also, in case you didn’t know, Katy Perry got it wrong – sun-kissed skin-so-hot will not only melt your popsicle, but will also give you melanoma.

“If I could recommend one thing to young girls it would be to start using sunscreen at an early age to maintain your skin health for life,” Dr. Galaria said.  “Your skin is a window to your overall health so when you are exercising, and eating right and drinking enough water you will notice that your skin will take on a healthy glow.”

And no leaving your make up on even though you are exhausted after an iftar and have a food belly. DON’T DO IT.

The over all tea.

I know these are a lot of orders I’m barking at you, but just pick and choose as you see fit. And at the end of the day, smooth skin is nice, but Eid is also just about coming together as one giant community and celebrating the struggles we’ve endured. I think crusty eye poop would be considered pretty minute to other jihads.

Plus, there’s always Eid-Al-Adha 🙂

And from all of us at Muslim Girl, we wish you a Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak.