Here Are the 5 Weirdest Questions We’ve Been Asked About Islam

There’s no denying that Muslims get asked some head-scratching questions about Islam. While we’re always happy to help clarify some of the weirdest of the weird misconceptions, there comes a moment when you’re faced with a question so odd, that you can’t help but take a step back, tilt your head backwards, and let out a hearty, “WHAT?!” to the heavens above. Am I right, ladies?

And so, we did what we do best here at Muslim Girl. We reached out to our clique and asked them, “What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked about Islam?” And wouldn’t you believe it, they sounded tf off. So here, for your endless amusement, are five of the most perplexing questions our clique has ever been asked:

1. “Someone asked if I’m allowed to shower with my hijab off.”

“And the thing is, the question was asked GENUINELY… can’t tell you how tempted I was to further this thread of illogical ignorance and just say, ‘absolutely not.'” – A’isha Saleh

2. “I was once asked whether I was allowed to hang out with non-Muslims.”

“I didn’t even know how to respond.” – Anonymous

3. “Someone once asked me if I would recognise my mum without her hijab on LMAO.”

“How do I even respond to that?”- Imaan Asim

4. “Not even water?” 

“Ah, a Ramadan classic.” – Anonymous

5. “Aren’t you hot in that?”

“I mean, just assume that I am, but that I’m covering for a greater purpose? Is that so hard?!” – Anonymous