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Here Are 15 of Your Best Eid-ul-Fitr Instagram Looks

Here Are 15 of Your Best Eid-ul-Fitr Instagram Looks

Ramadan has come and gone, and this Eid-ul-Fitr, the gorgeous goddesses of our ummah have channeled all that noor into slaying their looks as they feasted away! From classic looks to dramatic ones, from the minimalists to the extravagant, you blew us away on this day of celebration.

And so, to celebrate the resplendent beauty and diversity of YOU, our sisters in faith, we present some of the most eye-catching Eid outfits to grace our newsfeeds. Keep slaying, sisters!

1. MissLittleFancy Killing It in White:


2. Leah Vernon Proving You Can Never Go Wrong With Sequins:

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Eid Mubarak! 🎉🎊Today is the day Muslims from around the world wrap up our month-long fasting period. I was absolutely terrified this Ramadan because it was the first one without my friends and family. I’ve actually never spent an Eid away from home before. I imagined myself being isolated, eating and praying alone. It would never be like home, I thought. A lot has happened in these last weeks, emotionally and otherwise to the point where there were many days I couldn’t fast. But, I wasn’t going to let my circumstances allow me to waste this holy month. I set a goal to go to a mosque and pray with others. And, I did that on most nights. And, every single time I went alone, I was never really alone. A lot of my followers would come up to me. “I follow you on Instagram,” they’d scream. “I love you!” While others had no idea who I was and we just chatted about life and spirituality. Although, I wasn’t able to fast much and thought that my journey through Ramadan was a complete failure, I’m proud to say that I ended the week strong and connected. A lot of people probably don’t think or believe I’m Muslim because of what I say or how I dress or because I’m Black. But, my community (Muslim, Jewish, and everyone in between) really came through by making me feel welcomed here in the city. There was a time where I thought no one would accept the fact that I was Muslim. I was wrong. The fact that I can openly be myself and practice my spirituality means so much. I can be Muslim and…so many other things. My Muslim-ness doesn’t hinder me. How do you think you did during this Ramadan? Did you find it hard, easy? Have any of my non-Muslims fasted or partook in interfaith iftars/dinners this year? Let’s chat. 📸 @sakeenahashiru_ny #newyorkblogger #psootd #plussize #instafashion #bodypositive #bgki #effyourbeautystandards #monochromatic #pizzasisters4lyfe #blackgirlswhoblog #londonblogger #psfashion #blackgirlmagic #muslimgirl #fatacceptance #selflove #turbanista #honormycurves #bodydysmorphia #instabeauty #intersectionalfeminism #fashionblogger #eatingdisorderrecovery #editorial #hijabi #modestfashion #blackouteid #eidmubarak #henna #wamfam

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3. TheDivaWorld Bringing That Sunshine: 


4. Nadiya Making the Most of That Golden Hour Goodness:


5. Naila Redefining Pretty in Pink:  


6. Loriza Pulling Off A Classic Red Right:


7. Titanium_bin2 Bringing Those Fire West African Vibes:


8. Check That Side Braid Action on FarahFerraro:

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"If it doesn't bring you joy, why do it?" A question I often ask myself when something's bringing me down. There's a sense of weighing up satisfaction in everything we do. Some things bring us more contentment than others. It's that gratifying feeling we're all after. A deep sense of happiness and fulfilment within ourselves, knowing that we've done all we can to ensure we do the right thing. But after hardship also comes ease. So with struggle and strife, there'll always be a reward right? Would you give up your own comforts and wants and needs for the sake of someone else gaining or flourishing? Or would you need to see the fruits of your labour straight away to continue doing good? . . #eidmubarak #eid #eid2019 #dogood #love #family #friendship #life #death #islam #test #dunya #akhira #sabr #experience #characteristics #intention #positive #postivity #positivevibes #alwaysstaypositive #staybeautiful #happiness #GirlsSupportGirls #farahferrero #followforfollow #followme #follow4follow #follows #followtrain

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9. Hx.ja Is Classically Pretty in Peach:

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Eid Mubarak 💛

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10. Hana Showing Us What Dress Goals Look Like:


11. Aneesa’s Pastel Hues and Killer Shoes Are Giving Us Life:

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EID MUBARAK EVERYONE WHO IS CELEBRATING TODAYYY!!! My beautiful Eid outfit which came JUST in time was stitched by @pretbyshama and the design is by @ayeshaibrahimofficial Thank you SO much for all the love on my stories too! I fell in love as soon as I saw it, I ended up having to improvise with my own belt instead of the one it came with but I still loved the way it looked and got so many compliments! Tag me in your Eid looks too so I can share my favourites!! Hope you had the best day 💖 Back to work for me tomorrow and I'm feeling very depressed about it right now 😫 #eidmubarak #eid2019 #eidoutfit #eidoutfit2019 #eidulfitr #eidulfitr2019 #psseid

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12. Binta’s Scarf Draping Skills Are on Another Level:


13. Mairum Brightening a Grey Day With a Pop of Color: 


14. Van Slaying Her First Post-Shahada Eid:

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Eid Mubarak, everyone! 🌙🖤✨ . . This is my first Eid as a Muslim! I took the Shahada/ reverted this Ramadan during Jummah. It took me 3 years to commit to this big decision. Why? I wanted to make sure this is the right path for me regardless of other factors. What I really hate is when older adults make the remark of “Oh did she self decide? Or did she do this due to who she is with?” Trust me, I did it for myself. During the 3 years that I have been exploring and questioning about Islam, there were hardships as well. Some hardships were that I felt like an outsider in the beginning when went to the mosque to pray, didn’t know many sisters, not sure if I was wearing the correct clothing, and being the only Vietnamese there. But I still wanted to explore and pursue Islam. Another big factor was my family, I was blessed that they are supportive and open minded. But during Ramadan’s (this being my 3rd) I am the only one in the household that fasts through the 30 days, opens Iftar alone, and wake up during Suhoor alone to eat; and so it is pretty lonely at times during Ramadan and that shouldn’t be the case. It all comes down to self effort, and if I wasn’t doing this for myself, why would I go through all that? Allah (swt) gave us the will to choose what we do, and I choose to embrace Islam and to get closer to Allah (swt). ☪️ . . 📸: Ahmed . . #EidMubarak #RevertToIslam #Islam #MuslimSisters #Muslimah #Ramadan #MuslimRevert #MuslimConvert

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15. Mariam Teaching Us How to Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: 

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