Help Bring Eid Happiness to Refugee Children in Greece

Imagine going through Ramadan in a refugee camp as a six-year-old, under the hardest circumstances, away from home, and without much to look forward to on Eid.

The 250 children of Ritsona camp deserve an Eid celebration full of the things we take for granted – candy, toys and smiles. So, a campaign was launched to help make their Eid a day to look forward to, and a day to celebrate their resilience.

They are overlooked, silenced, susceptible to exploitation, and at risk of trafficking. 

Refugee children are the most vulnerable population in the world.

They are overlooked, silenced, susceptible to exploitation and at risk of trafficking. We often forget that, despite everything, they are just children. They want to play in the grass, they want to experience unhinged happiness. This small initiative aims to give these 250 kids (ages 3-15) at least one day to truly feel like kids, to experience Eid as other children will around the world and enjoy a day meant for them.

Here’s How You Can Help:

#1. Donate: Your donations will go towards providing each child of Ritsona Camp with a small gesture of celebration, a gift bag filled with sweets (a rare luxury at the camp) and a small toy. Lighthouse Relief will help provide these bags at 10 euros per child (a little over $10). Any additional funds will go towards decorating the Child Friendly Space for Eid and providing snacks and food for the rest of the camp population.

#2. Spread the word: Please share widely with your friends and family and donate any amount you can – remember that no amount is too small and that this gesture for the kids will not go unnoticed.

#3: Get involved: If you would like to be more involved, or to provide support in a more impactful way, send an email to the campaign creator or to the NGO, Lighthouse Relief.

Where The Funds Will Go

All funds raised will go to Lighthouse Relief, a Swedish NGO established in Greece to provide dignified, respectful and empowering relief for vulnerable groups such as women and children.

So, what are you waiting for? Make these last 10 days count.