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Are There Seriously Leaflets Circulating in a UK Mosque Encouraging Muslims to Kill Ahmadi Muslims?

Are There Seriously Leaflets Circulating in a UK Mosque Encouraging Muslims to Kill Ahmadi Muslims?

This really can’t be life right now–are there seriously leaflets in circulation encouraging Muslims to kill other Muslims–more specifically, Ahmadi Muslims?
If you go to a mosque that encourages you to kill someone else, do yourself–and Islam–a favor:  Get up, and leave.  Then call a sheikh you trust (and it’s probably a good idea to call the authorities, too) and get that ish taken care of, because nope!
Leaflets were found at the Stockwell Green Mosque in the U.K that called for capital punishment of Ahmadiyya Muslims who do not convert to mainstream Islam within three days. The mosque trustee said that he was not aware of these leaflets, and that they could have been placed there maliciously without support from the mosque.

But with the recent surge of violence against Ahmadiya Muslims, seeing these threats against other Muslims in a Muslim place of worship is frightening, and should be widely condemned.

A former leader of Khatme Nabuwwat, a group that lists the Stockwell Green Mosque as its “overseas office,” produced the leaflets. Khatme Nabuwwat believes that Ahmadiyyas are not Muslim, and have turned away from the religion.
The leaflets were written in English, by Yusuf Ludhianvi, and found arranged in piles next to a shoe rack in the mosque, which is where information for the congregants are usually placed.
The Stockwell Green Mosque is not new to controversy. In 2011, it was first accused of assisting in promoting hate and terror in Pakistan, a country that has banned Ahmadiyya Muslims from referring to themselves as Muslims in their constitution.
Here’s a question: Did the dudes distributing this material miss the very vital part of the Qur’an that says if you kill one person it’s like killing all of humanity? Better question, have the “sheikhs” who wrote these hateful leaflets even ever read the Qur’an, or do they even know what the Qur’an is?  Like, do you even read Qur’an, bro… because… because, I’m questioning their faith right now – and believe me, that’s not something I am comfortable in doing either!
Although the mosque denies any involvement with the distribution and creation of the “Kill Ahmadis” leaflets, insisting they were placed without their knowledge or consent, we still need to ask:  Are we doing enough to discourage this type of hate-based mindset within our community?  If not, it’s time we stepped our game up.

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  • My sistah,
    Those leaflets dont say “Kill-Ahmadis”, that is false propoganda…smh.
    And Ahmadis arent as innocent as you think…in May of 1974, they attacked a trained of unarmed students..And stop cherry-picking the Quran.

    • ‘Ahmadis aren’t as innocent as you think… In May of 1974, they’ Referring to the actions of some people belonging to a particular ethnic or religious group as though they are the actions of the whole group is headline bigotry, class A racist crap. Swap in any other identity there and see how it feels.

        • And your is full of racist hate speech. What exactly is a “trained of unarmed students”? What were they trained for? The usual suicide bombing and rapes that the mullah preach these days?

          • @ Saeed
            Obviously, you havent properly read about the May-30th, 1974 Rabwah train attacks.
            1. I meant to write, “they attacked a train full of unarmed medical students”.
            And are you calling those students as suicide bombers?? That is heinous, I know that your Ahmadi-Mullahs have destroyed your perception of “Average-Muslims”.
            Would you like to discuss the attack? Even Samdani said that Rogue-Ahmadis planned and carried out the attack….go and educate yourself..and stop accusing all Muslims of terrorism.

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