Have You Been Wondering About What’s Happened in Sudan Lately?

It has been a month since the Sudanese calls for justice against the corruption of their military government was met with violence. In the days to follow, we received fleeting glimpses of the death and destruction rained down, not only on those demanding stability and justice, but also on those who simply dared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A sea of blue profiles flooded social media platforms far and wide in honor of the martyr, Mohamed Mattar, who lost his life for standing up against a corrupt system determined to deprive the Sudanese people of the lives they knew they deserved.

Despite critics who questioned the effectiveness of this simple act of digital protest, the sea of blue profiles represented an attempt to draw global attention to an unspeakable tragedy that wasn’t garnering much attention at all. Since then, we have waited with bated breath, through a cycle of protests, for a positive outcome.

A few days ago, a Twitter user summarized the current situation for us very succinctly, and so, I leave you in the capable virtual hands of Aku: