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Hate Crime Watch: 232 Islamophobic Attacks in 237 Days

Hate Crime Watch: 232 Islamophobic Attacks in 237 Days

(Above is a map of the anti-Muslim attacks and instances of Islamophobic hate speech since August 6, 2015, the date of the first debate of this election cycle.)

The following is a running list of Islamophobic attacks in the United States of America – both physical and verbal – since the date of the first debate of this 2016 Presidential election cycle on August 6, 2015. Though it is overwhelming both to compile and to read, MuslimGirl has done so with the hopes of shedding light on how powerful words can truly be. “In Order to form a more perfect Union” and set an example for the outside world, it is time that we acknowledge that we must first as a country address the hateful and harmful rhetoric that comes from within.

Furthermore, we recognize that although this list is extensive, it is far from comprehensive –  there are tens if not hundreds of more-than-microaggressions that occur each day against taxi drivers, convenience store clerks, grade school students, and thousands of other average Muslim Americans that go unreported because people are either scared of retaliation, or don’t have the time or resources to do file a report, among other reasons.

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To report an incident or share your story, send us an email.

Click next to read through a list of the 232 reported islamophobic attacks and hate speech in the past 237 days.

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  • There have been over 27,000 global terror attacks perpetrated by followers of Islam since 9/11. And terror attacks, unlike more than three quarters of the banal items on your list, actually result in a manifestly negative outcome for civilians.

  • this is what you consider hate crimes? you want real hate crimes? go to the FBI and check out real hate crimes the majority of which are perpetrated on jews. you want real hate speech go to college campuses like harvard where they have BLM students calling for the extermination of white people. you want real hate speech go to front pagemag and check out the instances of jew hate on college campuses from muslim student organizations. my pet peeve is when muslims play the victim card and don’t examine their own communities racial, religious and ethnic hatred.

  • I love how they describe these incidents as “attacks”. All of these incidents really are comparable to the attacks in Paris and Brussels, aren’t they? Death Toll zero, but hundreds of feelings hurt and dozens of safe spaces irreparably violated.

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