#MGBLACKOUT: What Happened on Tuesday?

Dear beautiful, beloved, badass MuslimGirl readers,

As you may have noticed, our blog went offline Monday evening for a whole 24 hours before going back up on a Tuesday [hijabi Drake reference.] We crashed because of an overload of traffic from you people. Thanks a lot.

For a brief period of time, our entire worlds came to a screeching halt. No witty banter. No funny memes. We couldn’t even update you about how messed up the world is.

No, but really — MuslimGirl is made up of an entirely volunteer staff. We write and operate out of our bedrooms and dorms and use our cell phones at inappropriate times to bring our voices to the world. We’re regular women just like you, except maybe with a bit more serious of an Internet addiction. So, when we hear that the site has crashed from too many people being on it, we take it as a personal victory. Thank you for reading us.

Since most of us our twenty-somethings in or just out of college, we can’t afford much more than the really cheap and crappy site service that cost us an entire day of Muslim Women Talking Back. As our audience rapidly grows, MuslimGirl needs to keep up with you. So, we would really like to get our own server.

If you want to help us in doing so and making sure that #MGBlackout never happens again, please consider chipping in.

We’re not lying when we say MuslimGirl is what you make it. You’re a part of the change we’re making everyday. Here is just one opportunity to make a tangible difference. Just $100 keeps MG running for a MONTH. Hijabi Drake will thank you.

Thanks for sticking with us in the Age of Darkness that was our stressful Tuesday. We :cupid: you for real.


Amani Al-Khatahtbeh