“Holding On to Your Religion Will Be Holding On to Hot Coals”

There’s a hadith in which the Prophet (SAW) says, “There will come a day when holding on to your religion will be holding on to hot coals.”
Not so long ago I read an article detailing the demographic of the victims of anti-Muslim hate attacks.
“Female, visibly Muslim, between the ages of fourteen and forty five.”
One of those thing you look at a moment to be sure of what you just read, then
you turn around and say it…I turned to my mother and said, “That’s us.”
Hot Coals
holding onto hot coals.
onto hot coals,
he said.
those hot coals red
of life
stepping out your door
a target.
seventeen mixed-race female
visibly muslim
oh yeah,
a breathing target.
-almost like i’m asking for it.
demographic of an
easy fragile victim at your blinding angers whim
if i were just-
but i won’t show you fear
i won’t dip my head
hunching covered
to avoid your gaze,no,
i look you in the eye
i walk with confidence
the moment hazel pause when i fix my eyes on yours
and you always look away.
Written by Juwairiyah Bint-Khalil