habiba da silva

Habiba Da Silva Releases SKIN Campaign Featuring a Unisex Line of Scarves

Habiba Da Silva, a 22-year-old blogger from Birmingham, U.K., released her SKIN campaign. SKIN features a line of scarves for both men and women that matches a broad spectrum of skin tones.

On her blog, she sites her “passion for cultures and traditions” and “[breaking] up the trend of having brands with clothing dressed on lighter skinned models” as the inspiration for the campaign.

Da Silva also themes her line around marriage. “The word, marriage, is all about bringing entities together,” she mentions in her blog post. She also defined the theme of marriage as “not necessarily as a bond between a man and a woman, rather as a bond between people from different backgrounds and cultures.” Every single one of the scarves is named after a word associating with marriage in another language.