This Guy Made a Muslim Remix to Bobby Shmurda

Hip-hop has its roots planted in social conscientiousness, and we’re all about that life. Unfortunately, today’s music is made solely for consumption, and a lot of the catchy but not-so-interesting songs making the rounds on the radio are a product of that condition.

Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” became an instant phenomenon, with countless remixes of its lyrics and video tributes to what has now been oh so classically dubbed “the Bobby Shmurda dance.”

Jae Deen took it to a whole other level. This talented brother made a Muslim remix of the song, which we shall henceforth refer to as “Hot Brotha.” It could have so easily turned corny, but Jae plays it off perfectly and he has some darn good rhythm while doing it. Check it out below.

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If Jae made a full song remix to this, we’re pretty sure we’d be rocking to it with our hijabs onnnnnnn! Check out his Facebook page for more of his videos.