How We Got an Islamophobe Fired in 20 Minutes

So we’re chilling, Amani and I.
It’s my first time in New York City, and I’m in love. The streets are beautiful, the people are friendly and the city is so alive.
We’re heading back to the Muslim Girl studio to meet with a few of the other writers, and we’re stopped on the street by a neo-Nazi looking type.
He looks at us and says, “ISIS?”

The business he works at in Brooklyn
The business he works at in Brooklyn. Relax haram police, we were just walking by.

It took me a second to understand what he was saying. Not Amani though, she went in real quick.
She asked him if he was the KKK, if he was a colonizer, and if he was going to shoot up a school — and of course, he didn’t have an answer.
Racists aren’t known for their intelligence.
And it’s funny, because this man chose to harass us. Two defenseless girls walking down the street. He tried hella hard to make us feel intimidated.

For all you racists, don’t mess with Muslim Girl. For real. You will lose.

And when he realized that we were not the silent type, he scurried back into his store. Because in addition to being a racist misogynist, he was also a coward.
I had to laugh, because in this day and age how could he not realize what I was about to do next?
Whipped out my smart phone real quick and snapped some photos of his face and the business he was representing.

The loser that tried to scare us. He's just mad cause we're cute.
The loser that tried to scare us. He’s just mad cause we’re cute.

And of course he didn’t like that.
The best part is when he threatened to call the police — because this was a man who obviously realized the “oppressed little girls” he was trying to scare, could tear him apart with intelligence alone.
We’re not scared of you. If anything, we feel really bad for you. That you hate your pathetic existence that much, you’re desperate enough to seek validation by trying to scare others.
We are so sorry for you. I cannot imagine living such a miserable life, that I would think it’s acceptable to speak to someone like that.
And I mean hey, if he wants to call us ISIS, that’s cool. If you want to threaten us, and try and intimidate us, cool. If you are trying to improve your self confidence by harassing women, cool. But we are not the type to come for.
We’re writers. So we went home and did what we do. Amani wrote this Facebook status.
I wrote this article. And within 20 minutes of first posting on social media, the owners reached out to us and apologized and said they would fire the employee.
This is because we’re intelligent enough to know that racism is a flaw of the human condition. We know these people are real and will always exist. But what’s important is never letting them be in positions of power. Amani and I did what we did so that the next time someone like this man comes across another Muslim or marginalized person, they do not have the courage to try and further bully them.
I don’t care if you like me or not. I don’t care if you respect me or not. I don’t care if you’re a racist or not. But what I do care about is creating a society and a world where YOU are the problem and you are always reminded of it.
Also shout out to the owners of the Beer Boutique for firing this man within 20 minutes. We appreciate knowing that you had our backs.
But for all you racists, don’t mess with Muslim Girl. For real. You will lose.