Discoveries of an Online Shopping Addict

Hello people!

I’m new here so – go easy on me.

Oscar de la Renta (R.I.P.) once said that,

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

I don’t know if I’d consider myself fashionable, but I’d like to assume that I’m stylish – then again, you know what they say about assuming. I tend to wear what I’m feeling each day – so I don’t have a set style per se but one thing that’s always consistent with me is that I like to effortlessly stand out (which basically means I put a lot of effort into my appearance but I do my best to make it look like I barely even tried…#IDidNotWakeUpLikeThis).

I found a site. A glorious, ridiculously affordable for the everyday working girl, I feel like this may have “fallen off the back of a truck” because it’s too good to be true, site. It’s called “She Insider” and actually, my entire outfit is from there.


Statement pieces are helpful when trying to accomplish this type of look. Like big, bold necklaces/accessories or a funky blazer or hmm… a super cool midi skirt with a lady’s face all over it (for $23 – Zipper Girl Skirt)? Guess which one I chose! Something about this skirt spoke to me. It said, “wear me if you want to feel like you’re in the streets of Buenos Aires in 1960” – and obviously I’d love to be in the streets of Buenos Aires in any time period so I said, “okay here’s my credit card…”.

There’s this unspoken rule that everyone secretly follows about not pairing two or more crazy pieces together because they think it’s weird but I find it somewhat exciting to break rules and be weird – particularly in the fashion world because let’s be serious – you’re not going to tell me what I can and can’t wear. So instead of pairing this with a basic tee like the rules tell you to, I chose another face. With pink lips instead of red and voluminous eyelashes (maybe it’s Maybelline) instead of oversized sunglasses (shirt link here – Printed-T for $10.50)  . To me, the shirt quietly said, “I’m shy look away” and the skirt screamed, “GIVE ME ALL YOUR ATTENTION”. Match made in Heaven.

My heels are from Victoria’s Secret but I’m not giving you a link to those because #BDS and also because they no longer exist (found you a nice affordable alternative though from Charlotte Russe). I have Bobbi Brown all over my face if you care about that (except for my lips – those are being colorfully caressed by NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square) and my necklace is a keepsake from Saudi Arabia given to me by my beautiful grandmother – so basically I don’t have a link for that either but Etsy is great for that kind of stuff.

I think fashion is a realm in which we can bring our personalities out and give people a taste of what’s going on inside our crazy heads by the clothes we choose to wear. It’s something to have fun with – never to follow rules, or to conform to the norm.

Don’t be normal, normal is boring.

If you want to wear a neon yellow top with polka dotted pants that are purple and blue – wear them all, and put on some orange heels while you’re at it. If you have green mascara that you’ve always wanted to wear on a night out – you own that Poison Ivy look. Most importantly – if you want to wear white after Labor Day – you wear white after Labor Day (I still don’t get that one). You only look as good as the confidence you radiate. So as long as you’re comfortable and feeling great – rock it (#ByeHaters).




Image: Flickr