Muslim Girl’s Yearbook Quote Breaks Internet

For her senior yearbook quote, Rafika Alami (@fefethevinc), who attends Summit High School in California, captioned her hijab-donning senior picture with:

“Only reason I wear this is to give you females a chance.”

The 17-year old’s photo instantly went viral. She told BuzzFeed that she did it because she thought it was funny. And indeed it was. When I first came across her tweet, my initial reaction was to frame it, because I developed an immediate #GirlCrush. Overall, this sassy girl has received mostly positive feedback and reactions. Along with those on fleek eyebrows, she’s basically slaying the internet.

Despite her senior quote unofficially earning the title “Best Senior Quote of the Year,” there will always be those one or two pesky trolls that just need to say something racist to keep the world going ’round. Along with that, a small group of people have been claiming that her quote is putting other girls down. However, I’d like to kindly disagree. In a world where Muslim girls are constantly being marginalized in our society, we could all use a little more of Rafika’s self-love.

Keep doing you, and slay, girl, slay.