Gaza Might Be Uninhabitable — Here’s How You Can Help Prevent It

It is a besieged, occupied and poor place; Gaza city. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) determined that it might be uninhabitable by the year 2020.
The ongoing violation of the environment there, due to the escalating population growth; and sacristy in the natural resources needed to meet the needs of people’s growth. As a result, the Green Knowledge Community (GKC) was born.

Awareness and environmental education for individuals is the first step to strengthen the collective behavior of common environmental heritage.

GKC is a non-profit community launched in early 2016 in Gaza by the passionate youth. The aim of the community is to raise the environmental awareness among Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza strip. The team believes that awareness and environmental education for individuals is the first step to strengthen the collective behavior of common environmental heritage.
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We are seeking to support and promote our behaviors by training programs based on interacting edification and participation in order to be effective as individuals in the process of change.
We’ve started our project with some personal efforts and funds, as we’ve lately conducted a training course for the team members to qualify them to be environmental instructors who are capable to work on the ground, interact with people and so instruct and guide them environmentally.
We’re using different activities to aim to make a real change in people’s awareness, in order to see it reflected as an attitude on the ground. We are also seeking to forge a green and sustainable city.
The GKC is establishing a database of environmental education as well — taking into account the target groups (young people and school students) in the Palestinian community. In the coming days, we’re launching an event which will promote the concept of a green economy and to benefit from the available resources in the most efficient way — to achieve the sustainability for villages, cities and communities.
At this stage, as we’re all volunteers in this community, but we need your support! We’re launching our fundraising campaign to cover the legal start-up costs of the Green Knowledge Community. The target is $15,000. The distribution will be as follows:

  • $5,000: Office renting
  • $7,000: Office furnishing and equipping
  • $3,000: Current events and activities costs

Your support means a lot to us! It’ll contribute in finding our own place as a green incubator for the team members and those who are interested. The place will be equipped with needed supplies to conduct our lectures, workshops, meetings and training. It will also allow us to execute so many community activities in a much more efficient way.
Every $1 will make a difference. Spread the word and help us protect our mutual heritage by supporting this green incubator for the Green Knowledge Community.
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Written by Asmaa Elkhaldi — Gaza, Palestine