French Senate Votes to Ban Muslim Girls from Wearing Hijab in Public

On March 31, France’s Senate, Le sénat, voted to ban Muslim girls under the age of 18 from wearing hijab in public. This is a continuation, or expansion of their ban in 2004, enforcing all women to discontinue wearing hijab in public spaces.

According to one Reddit commentator, Le sénat doesn’t have much power, as their vote can be overturned by the Assemblée Nationale. If disagreements between the two houses arise, the Prime Minister can vote to settle the disagreement.

The senate justified their action by stating the hijab signifies the inferiority of women to men, and that parents should not impose religious practice on their children. Yet again, France is trying to impose their secular agenda on its citizens while attempting to eradicate Islam from their country.

One French senator, Christian Bilac, questioned how far can a secular country go watching young girls display their religious signs in front of the public. He said that parents shouldn’t be forcing their religion on their children’s young minds, and that they needed protection from these religious practices.

France’s tainted image and idea of Islam continues to perpetuate negative stereotypes of Muslim Women in the country while enforcing new laws that violate their citizens religion freedom. It is only a matter of time until discriminatory laws like this one begins to spread to other countries.