10 Blogs You Should Follow to Get Your Master Chef on This Ramadan

2015 March 13 647
Ramadan is all about charity, patience, family, and reflection. It’s also, in case you haven’t noticed, about the food. (Don’t try to argue this. Collectively, our staff has participated in a huge number of Ramadans, and our fact-finding suggests that food is, in fact, a huge part of our 30 days of fasting.)  In fact, we spend lots of time planning menus, looking up recipes, and watching YouTube videos of talented chefs in order to get our “master cook” techniques on point.
We know you’re busy, so in order to make life a little easier for you, we put together our a list of our top ten go-to culinary bloggers for your convenience. Follow them this Ramadan season to get inspiration for your family meals, or just because you want to fantasize about food while you’re fasting in order to make those long, hot summer days pass.  Talk about testing your patience!
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