How I Feel About King Abdullah’s Death

King Abdullah of Saudia Arabia has passed away at 90 years old. His 80 year old brother with dementia is now assuming the throne to the kingdom. The capital of Islam.

For those who are against rejoicing in death, yes, I agree. However, I am not saddened by Abdullah’s death, either.

I stand in tribute to the South Asian and African migrants who face daily dehumanization, racism, sexism, violence, and death without any laws protecting them.

I stand in tribute to the women who lack basic human rights because they were born girls.

I stand in tribute to the 9 month pregnant Pakistani woman who traveled an ocean and reached our doorstep in the United States just so she can secure her future son’s blue-passport-humanity so he may never know how hard it is being a Pakistani boy sponsored by a Saudi.

I stand in tribute to Palestinians who had to take the King’s lip service when missiles were hitting their homes and blowing their children’s bodies to pieces.

I stand in tribute to Syria’s people and history for having turned into Saudi’s armed playground.

I stand in solidarity to the refugees who froze to death while the royal family spent millions on weekend trips turning the rest of the world into their trashcan.

I stand in tribute to Egypt who has to see itself disassemble its simple humanity as Saudi Arabia supports its dictator.

I stand in tribute to all the revolutionaries who have been killed or died alone in their prison cells for holding an idea or dream deemed a threat.

I pay tribute to Makkah and Madinah, for holding enough holiness and beauty to light up the world, but fell into hands that never knew their worth.

I pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), for not a million Al- Sauds can diminish or alter his timeless message.

So, I don’t rejoice in death, but I pay tribute to unrecognized life. They are worth more than debating about a corrupt family.

Image via CNN.