Hijabi Fashion Essential: Black Maxi Skirt

We all have that one huge essential in our closet, whether it’s a bag, scarf, or dress. Mine is a simple black maxi skirt. I don’t know what I’d do without it — I wear it so many different ways! So I thought, what’s a better way to show you all how I styled it than through a Youtube video?! I had fun filming this, so I hope you all enjoy!

I have 3 looks in this video:

1. Boho Babe

The Bohemian style is going on a craze right now. I’m finding Chiffon maxi cardigans, and kimonos everywhere. I just wore a graphic tank and threw the cardigan on. It was completely effortless but still ended up looking classy and put together. The Bohemian style is so good for hijabis because it really just includes long & loose clothing.

2. Neon Pop

Neon, to me, is always in. Before I added the neon scarf, it was a real simple look. A tee and leather jacket. The colorful scarf added a nice element to the outfit. Colorful neck scarves are also really big at the moment, and are really easy to find.

3. Denim Infusion

I think we all should own the casual chambray/denim button down. It’s really casual but when I added it to the chiffon maxi, it really made a classy look. The red scarf is for the fall time when it gets a little chilly in places! Even without the scarf I still love the all black + denim look, it’s perfect for a night out with heels or even on a brunch!

Does anyone love a good maxi skirt as much as I do? How do you style it? Let me know some creative ideas in the comments!