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Giving Back is the New Black: Check Out These Brands That Look Good & Do Good!

Giving Back is the New Black: Check Out These Brands That Look Good & Do Good!

Photo credit: Half United, Instagram, @halfunited
Photo credit: Half United, Instagram, @halfunited
The fashion industry is a busy one, with trends changing faster than the seasons, and the latest and greatest up hitting both the runways and your Instagram feed.
Love it or hate it, fashion has a way of tangling you up into the web it weaves (or sweater it knits). Whether you’re consumed with the idea of always looking good, or running to keep up with the latest trends, we know one thing is for sure–for some of us, shopping for clothes could be an Olympic sport. I mean, ladies, come on, how many of us have worked up a sweat running from one sale to another?
I know, I get excited talking about shopping, too, but it’s time for a reality check. Prepare yourselves for a brief moment of buzzkill:  How often do we every think about the damage our spending does?  (Other than the damage to our bank accounts.)  By the same token, how often to we think about ways to give back with our designer duds?  Well, there is a way to give back in this industry.
One of the things that I love about fashion–and it’s why I’m choosing to work in the field–is that it’s very versatile. Fashion isn’t a small industry; it’s a whole world you can dive into, with different elements and outlooks.  Lots of brands are not only stylish, but also socially conscious, too.  After all, being caring, compassionate, and kind will never go out of style.
Recently, several designers and brands have taken themselves to task with giving back through fashion.  Whether it be smaller indie brands or larger corporate ones, or even haute couture, from Vogue to TOMS, many fashion outlets have been directing their efforts into helping the people who need it, and every little bit counts.  Whether it’s to aid kids with education, prevent sex trafficking, or feed the hungry, brands are slowly but surely changing the world through fashion, and we hope this is a trend that’s here to stay!

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  • All of this is great, but how much of it is purely marketing? What about all of these retailer’s supply chain worker in the developing world that work in horrible work conditions for slavery salaries… and what about all of the deaths that have occurred under their watch.. burning factories, collapsed buildings.. theses corporations (Zara, H&M, PRIMARK..) are rarely held accountable and people continue to support this slavery by believing that the world is a better place thanks to these corporations and their “giving back” initiatives. Its important to read past the advertising. Ask yourself who is making these clothing, what is their life like?

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