How To Get “On Fleek” Eyebrows + Video

Eyebrow care is super important. So important, they made a saying for it — “Your eyebrows are on fleek, dude!” 

…Well, maybe people don’t say “dude” anymore, but “on fleek” is pretty popular nowadays! Now, we weren’t all born with the perfect arch or the fullest set of brows, but we live in a time and age in which achieving that perfection is possible.

Threading vs. Waxing vs. Plucking:


There are so many ways to maintain an “on fleek” brow look, but it’s important to know the best way to manage them by utilizing these methods.

The first method is threading. Threading is the best way to shape your brows. This process uses two pieces of thread, twisted and rolled over the tiny hairs you want to remove for a nice arch or a thinner frame.

WARNING: threading may cause unbearable torture and pain, similar to that of the SAW movies for you sensitive-skinned people (like me).

It’s worth it in the end, though.


Waxing is best used when you want to clean up a lot of those ugly hairs that grow under the shape of your brow. These hairs are pesky and difficult to remove without waxing.

I don’t recommend waxing if the shape of your brows aren’t done. Waxing is mainly for “cleaning up” the brows.

The wax is applied on the unwanted hairs with a popsicle stick, first. Then, a piece of cloth is laid over it. Then it’s RIP! All done!

Waxing is a quick and easy pain — some people don’t even flinch!



Plucking is usually done to remove those singular hairs that grow out of the shape and threaten the level of “fleek” to your brows.

Take a nice, sharp pair of tweezers and make sure you pluck the little hairs out from the follicles.

I recommend plucking after a nice hot shower. That way, the follicles are wider, and the hairs will be easier to pluck.

Filling Your Eyebrows In

We weren’t all born with nice thick brows, but it’s alright because eyebrow filling is an easy way to achieve that look! You can use an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or eyebrow wax to fill in your brows. Use the item that will make you feel the most comfortable. I always use eyebrow wax because it is easier for me to use. When using powder or wax, you’ll need to also use a thin, angled brow brush to get a natural and precise look to your brows.

Two of my favorite would be Elf’s Angled Brush and the Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brush. Elf’s brush is extremely affordable and it works as well as the Anastasia brush, but the Anastasia brush is much more professional in its form.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 7.26.13 PM
Elf Small Angled Brush. $3.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush. $18.00

My Brow Routine


The first step I take before I fill in my brows, is apply a light concealer around the edges. This makes the brows stand out much clearer. It also hides any pieces of hair that are growing outside the fleeked-out shape.

Make sure you blend the concealer with your foundation either with a small brush or with your finger!

Brush ‘Em Out

Brush out your brows with a small brow brush with bristles, or with the spindle ended brush that looks like a mascara applier! You want the hairs of your brows to be brushed back so that they don’t stick out when you apply the filling.

Middle to End

Start filling in your brows from the middle. You will work on the front later. The middle and the end are the darkest parts of the brow, so it is easier to start on them first.

Use short strokes to go over the hairs. This makes it easy for you to control the pressure of the brush, making the filling not so dark.

Finish Lightly

The front of your brows should be lighter than the back. This is important so that you can avoid that hideous “blocky” brow look!

Use very light pressure over the front of your brows, using only the flat side of the angled brush. This gives your brows a much more natural and less aggressive look.

You should also go over the edges of your brows to make sure they are even and in a nice, crisp line!

And there you have it!

A quick and easy way to have your “eyebrows on fleek!” I hope these tips and tricks will work out for you!