Meet Maha Hilal: She’s Fighting For Your Freedom

Looking at the candidates running for Presidency next year, do you think NCPCF will face any oppositions or challenges?

Yes, definitely. The NCPCF seeks to challenge the War on Terror, and although the exact rhetoric has moved away from identifying the policies under this umbrella, the policies are still in place. 

Under Obama’s presidency for example, the use of drones has increased exponentially and his administration ordered the extrajudicial assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was an American citizen. In this light, Obama’s presidency has served to amp up the fear in order to continue to exacerbate policies. 

This fact makes it more than likely, that presidential candidates, especially from the Republican Party which have characterized Obama as being weak on foreign policy, will be emboldened to get “tough on terrorism” so to speak. By continuing some of the most devastating policies of the War on Terror, the NCPCF will need to grow quickly in order to address the exponential increase in human and civil rights abuses.