Everything You Need to Know Abut Last Night’s VP Debate

After watching the first debate, I was eager to see what would happen with the VP debate. So, I watched the VP debate, and again, I want to say the Biden/Harris ticket overwhelmingly represents decency, dignity, and integrity in ways that the current administration cannot even approach. With that said, I’d like to give you my recap of a few major points.


Pence stated that Kamala Harris was undermining confidence in the vaccine, and in the White House’s handling of COVID-19.  I was appalled at Pence’s audacity.  Undermine confidence?  What confidence?! Maybe it’s the fact that the President has COVID, Melania has COVID, and nearly 30 people in the Trump/Pence administration have COVID after refusing to take precautions, like masks, that undermines confidence.

Relations with China

Pence doubled down on the Trump administration’s refusal to take any accountability for the spread of COVID in the United States, with Pence stating “China is responsible for the coronavirus.”

Meanwhile Kamala cited a Pew Research Survey which noted that leaders of foreign countries all have less confidence in Trump than any other U.S. leader ever, and that now global opinions favor China over the United States as a result of Trump’s horrific and unprecedented idiocy as president. 


Pence talked about the military like he was actually in an administration that supported the troops. This is a blatant lie, and in stark contrast with Trump’s comments about “suckers and losers” in our military. Trump, as Kamala brought up, who went to Arlington Cemetery stood about the graves of our fallen heroes, and said, “What’s in it for them?”

Donald Trump said John McCain wasn’t a hero for being a prisoner of war. She brought up that Putin put bounties on the heads of American troops and Trump never confronted Putin about the bounties or anything about it.

The actual debate process

Pence continued to rudely interrupt, and had to be called out on the fact that he continuously violated the rules that both campaigns agreed to.  He, like Trump previously, completely and totally refused to abide by the rules of the debate.

On the topic of environment

Pence summed up the topic of saving the environment so humans and life can continue thrive as, “We will watch the signs.” (Which, in case you didn’t know, signs of climate change are already present.)

Kamala, for her part, noted that the White House website on environment had the words “climate change” and “science” deleted from it under the Trump administration. Does it occur to them to watch the science, not the signs?

On the topic of faith and religion

Pence claimed that Kamala would attack Amy Coney Barrett, and that she should be appointed to the court without her faith being used against her. Kamala responded, “Joe Biden and I are both people of faith, and added that  “Joe will be the second practicing Catholic; we are offended to be told we are not people of faith.”

As far as the Supreme Court

Kamala is in favor of waiting until after the election for a new SCOTUS seat appointment. “People are in the process of voting right now, let the American people decide,” she lamented. She brought up the precedent of Abraham Lincoln, and that he waited until the election.  It should be the decision of the American people.

Pence stated, “Funding for abortion up to the moment of birth is Biden’s plan,” and said he is pro-life in response to questions about confirming Amy Coney Barrett. He said he is openly pro-life. It should be noted his point about Biden is a lie. As Pence kept saying, “You have a right to your opinion but not to your own facts,” but he needs to take his own advice, because check out this fact check on Pence from NPR. If there was any confusion about the decision to try to ban legal abortion by packing the Supreme Court with conservatives, it is now gone.

Kamala also pointed out that Trump has appointed people who are not competent and sub-standard, and of the people who were appointed, not one is Black.  Let’s talk about packing the court with SCOTUS Justices who actually represent the American people.

On white supremacy and police violence

Kamala came out strongly for racial justice. She called out that Trump said to “stand by” to an openly White supremacist group. She called out Trump’s racism, and anti-Semitic stances. “We have so much more in common that what divides us,” she urged.

Pence wildly claimed there is no disparity in criminal justice around race, then claimed that Kamala was at fault for racism in California. He denied the existence of implicit bias, said Breonna Taylor’s killers were rightfully exonerated, and that he believed justice was done. Big yikes.

The fly on Mike Pence’s head

If you weren’t watching live, you’ve no doubt seen the memes. Yes, there was a fly on Pence’s head.


On the election

Pence predictably said that voting by mail is a huge opportunity for fraud…despite the fact Trump himself has voted by mail. Meanwhile, Kamala urged voters to get to the polls.

I concur with Kamala Harris: Please vote. Vote for integrity, for equality, and for this country to have a future. Vote for people who can debate with respect for rules because they are ethical and moral. Vote for not making public safety and science a partisan issue. Vote for people who don’t run the country like a terrible episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Vote for a future for American people that is better and brighter than the violent, ignorant, and divisive partisan spectacle that has caused untold damage nationally and internationally for the past few years. Vote for not making public safety and science a partisan issue.

Vote like your life depends on it. I am, which is why I’m voting Biden/Harris.

Sarah is a social worker and certified alcohol and drug counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area, the traditional land of the Ohlone people. She likes to paint, drum, sing, and spend quality time with her family and God.