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Ever Wonder About the Science Behind Donald Trump’s Racism?

Do you ever watch racist people like Donald Trump and wonder if they were born racist? Can you imagine Trump as a child being nice to people of color and not saying nasty things? Well, one thing is for sure,  science says: he was not born racist.
A new Sci-Fact video created by a fabulous Muslim woman, Yasmine Gharib, explains the social and neurological origins of racism.
We asked Gharib a couple of questions about the video so you can keep her answers in mind as you watch the six-minute video, titled: Sci-Fact #3: Stand right! For liberty and justice for all!

MuslimGirl: What was your role in creating this video?
Yasmine Gharib: I am Sci-Facts’ owner and producer. I am 26 and I am from the Tristate area. I am the creator, producer, writer and director of this video.
What do you hope the viewers will get from watching this video?
I hope to educate the viewers about the neurological and social origins of racism, introduce different ways of thinking about other groups, and propose different ways of interacting with each other to promote understanding, mutual respect, and unity while educating them on the personal and social impact of the culture of fear and racism.
I want to provide the audience with a scientific way of understanding to realize that focusing on our strengths and commonalities can only make us, as a human race, stronger.
What does the video advocate?
The video advocates justice, peace, hope, love, unity, respect, empathy, compassion and tolerance.
We, as humans, should embrace our differences and learn to use them to our advantage and advancements!
What do you want the viewers to know about the video?
The video mentions tangible steps we can take to dissolve existing ideologies that have conditioned our psychological and physiological processes and introduce new ways of thinking.
One person’s actions do not represent an entire group of people, and the culture of racism and fear is not part of our natural makeup.
And ultimately — don’t judge a holy book (and all of its followers) solely by its’ news coverage!
I love that you featured various types of people in the video, including the main character at the end, who puts on a hijab and was using sign language. Can you elaborate more on this? 
Last year in the Olympics, America was exceeding many other countries and it was because we had so many people from different ethnicities under the “American umbrella.” Our diversity is what makes us strong.
Where can we learn more about Sci-Facts and watch your other cool science videos?
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