An Elderly Florida Man Committed an Islamophobic Hate Crime…While Naked

Seventy two year old Jackie Hammock was arrested last week after he released his five dogs to attack a Bichon Frise belonging to Azard Baksh.
According to Hammock, Baksh is a “Muslim terrorist.”
Baksh told WFLA that the tragic incident went down this past Monday, when his small dog, Myra, stopped to use the bathroom in the grass near Hammock’s home.
Baksh says that Hammock came out the side gate naked, and that’s when the trouble began.

“He came out the side gate. He was nude. Yep, completely nude,” Baksh recounted.  He said that Hammock had previously threatened him with the dogs, telling Baksh he was a “Muslim terrorist, Islamic Muslim terrorist. Go back where you come from.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth; Baksh is actually a U.S. Air Force veteran.
Sadly, on Monday, Hammock made good on his threats, and sent his five dogs to attack the smaller Myra, who later died due to her injuries.  During the attack, Baksh says Hammock called him names, and said “Don’t walk in this street, you Muslim terrorist. Stay out of here.”
Eventually, Hammock’s wife called the pack of dogs back…only for Hammock to release them a second time, and then a third.
Neighbors who saw the whole thing told police that Hammock was in the nude each of the three times he came to the door to let the dogs out.
Responding officers told WFLA that they had to “plead” with Hammock to put on clothes, and that he blatantly admitted to sending his dogs to attack the ill-fated Myra.

When asked about the incident, Hammock reportedly told police,  “Oh yes sir, absolutely. I hate that terrorist prick.”

He was subsequently arrested, and is being charged with cruelty to animals, aggravated assault and exposure of sexual organs.  It is unclear why he’s not being charged with a hate crime, when it seems obvious that his actions were motivated by the fact Baksh is Muslim.
Our hearts go out to the Baksh family for the loss of their beloved Myra; may she rest in peace.