Photo: Reel Clever Films + Tutu: SocietyPlus + Model: Leah Vernon

It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for Your Eid Glamour: Getting Ready With Sister Leah V.

Eid is my favorite Islamic Holiday. Why? You feel all triumphant because you cursed less during Ramadan, the people who worked your last nerve you managed to NOT go off on, and although you passed out a few times from hunger, you managed to fast for the entire month.
Now, it’s time for the day everyone has been waiting for: Eid Fashions.

We’ve waited all year long to see which sister is going to pull off that one-of-a-kind red carpet look at the Mosque or Eid event – getting their Eid glamour on!

Here are a few tips on getting ready for the big day:

  1. Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

I’ve seen this happen so many times with my girlfriends. Their looking through the magazines and ohhing and ahhing at the pretty colors. Twenty-eight days have passed because of the indecision, and they rush out to get whatever’s left at the mall the day before. Don’t be that person. Get your major pieces sewed or purchased early. You’ll be much more satisfied and stress-free.

Photo: Reel Clever Films + Tutu: SocietyPlus + Model: Leah Vernon
  1. Think Outside Of The Box

Before, I became a fashion blogger and a wardrobe stylist, the worst thing in the world happened to me. Two years in a row, I was caught wearing the same outfit as someone else. Needless to say, my friends joked about this All. Day. Long. Groans.
Of course there’s no sure way to not have the same outfit on as someone else, but I challenge you to think outside of the box when choosing your Eid outfit. Fashion is fun and daring. Pick a color or a concept and build your outfit around that.
Tip: Shop away from the malls and stores nearest you. Drive out to new stores in other cities because they have a whole array of fresh items to choose from that maybe your neighbor hadn’t thought of.

  1. Execution Is Everything

I’ve partook in some hideous Eid outfits (Check out the green monstrosity below in 2009). Make sure that whatever you decide to wear you execute it properly and you are comfortable and confident in it.

Yup. It happened!


  1. Accessorize!!!

I want to see you doused in accessories this Eid. Like peacock feather head pieces, crowns, large hooped earrings, midi rings, and statements neck pieces.

Photo: Reel Clever Films + Dress: SocietyPlus + Model: Leah Vernon

Since Eid will fall in the summer, these are a few styles I’d like to see you guys rock:
Colors: Yellows, reds, electric blue, magenta, pastels, and whites
Patterns: Aztec prints, stripes, paisley, geometric shapes, polka dots, and dark tye-dies
Textures: Lace, linen, silk, chiffon, and velvet