Photo credit: Flickr, ltbaspotter

An EGYPTAIR Flight is Missing & is Believed to Have Crashed

EGYPTAIR flight MS804 was announced missing earlier this morning.
EGYPTAIR’s Twitter account denied the speculative reports that terrorism was behind the attack, saying “EGYPTAIR denies all misleading information published by news websites and social media channels regarding the reasons of the disappearance of EGYPTAIR flight MS804 and the company confirms that the reason of disappearance hasn’t been yet confirmed.  EGYPTAIR calls for media resources to be assured of the information they post or release and to abide by the official press releases issued by EGYPTAIR media center.”
The flight, which had a total of 66 people, was en route from Paris to Cairo when, after entering Egyptian airspace, it went off the radar.
Despite pleas from EGYPTAIR, multiple news outlets are reporting that the plane has been confirmed as crashed, and that terrorism may be behind the crash, with the BBC reporting that “sharp turns” were made before the plane plunged and went off the radar.  A Greek official said the plane “swerved 90 degrees left and then 360 degrees to the right” before plunging into the Mediterranean.
French President Francois Hollande said it was too soon to know how the crash occured.
EGYPTAIR’s official Twitter account said the aircraft, which was flying at 37,000 feet when it disappeared, carried mostly Egyptian and French passengers. There were also three children on board.
The pilot had 6,000 flying hours and the co-pilot had 4,000 flying hours.
An EGYPTAIR flight was hijacked in March; thankfully, there were no injuries or deaths.